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Sno -
I was in the army, where I was a platoon F.O. and part of a F.I.S.T. team.

The unofficial meaning of the last 3 letters is "Idiot Seeking Targets".

I will leave it to your imagination as to what the first letter stood for.
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Welcome, Nakona! Do you also post on Skilovers under a different name?

I think you may be on to something when you speak of not being concerned with how it looks.

Aside with any occupational concerns I may have about being injured {a problem when you "use your body" to earn a living} I am sometimes embarrased to admit that part of the fear involves my vanity and {HORRORS!} my ego.

The one thing that has held me back in my skiing progress {aside needing to get my boots fitted properly} is my need to ski in a way that will always look "pretty". On the rare occaisions that I do fall, I realize that I will usually not get physically hurt, but my dignity does.

I agree with Todd about The Centered Skier. Probably one of the reasons that book actually works well for me, is because it deals with the physicality of being centered and aligned, which is crucial for "fear management".

Once again, everyone's replies have been extremely helpful!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Yeah Lisa, I'm eric.
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COOL! I'm glad you found your way to Epic!Be sure to check out the thread in General about the Northeast gathering.<FONT size="1">

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Northeast gathering? OK.
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A lot of people have this thing of falling, especially instructors. Buy you a beer if I fall? Bite me. I fall all the time. I've been skiing with my niece and nephew and have had some great wipe outs. This is good because they have a falling thing too.
Herman Maier wins a lot and crashes a lot too. Sometimes his crashes are as interesting as his wins. Babe Ruth had a ton of strikeouts. What's the big deal? <FONT size="1">

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Ditto on the falling. If I'm falling, I'm skiing agressively. If I'm not falling, I'm skiing wimpy. Sadly, I can sometimes go months without falling.
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nice nakona! Armed service acronyms ALWAYS have one or two "extra meanings".

But I still want to see that mule FLY!


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Ony of my favorite musicians (Fishman, drummer from Phish) has a quote about drumming that could apply to skiing:

"Drums is EXACTLY like
falling down the stairs
PERFECTLY and landing
on your feet at the bottom".

I don't fall very often, except on purpose, at the start of EVERY turn...

Puuulease release me, let me goooooo!

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My middle name is crash!!! I eat it all the time. The little kids in ski school think it's a riot!!!
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Now this is strange. i was wearing one of my Grateful Dead Teddy Bear shirts today, and someone told me I would really like the group Phish. Hmmmm
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No, it is not strange, actually. (LisaMarie, I just have a hard time seeing you in the parking lot scene.)
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Lisamarie, you should hear some of the "Phishy" covers of Dead tunes. Box of Rain is nice, and the cover of Terrapin Station is WONDERFUL.

Some Phish tunes are quite "Deadish". Such as Contact:

The tires are the thing on the car that make contact with the road...
The car is the thing on the road that takes you home to your abode...
Bummed is what you are when you come back to your car and find out it's been towed!

Hee heeee!

I have some live stuff from the taper's section, imagine that! To bad that "Napster Bad"

Ever listen to the "Jazz is Dead" disc?

A favorite Dead tune of mine:
"Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleoo"

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Well the theme of my first few ski lessons:

"Well the first days are the hardest days
Don't you worry any more
'Cause when life looks like easy street
There is danger at your door"

Phish does a cover of Box of Rain? Now I have to hear them!!!

"If I knew the way
I would take you home
La di da da da"
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They did tons of covers, at the live shows, over the years. I've heard them do Beatles, Velvet Underground, Creedence, Prince, Edgar Winter... And barbershop style oldies too!
Oh, and Gregorian and Buddist chants. They're nuts.

Most of the covers are available on "bootlegs" that are legal... because they always let folks tape their shows. If I can, I'll try to put some of them on my website, link below. Since thaey have broken up, releasing live material from the years on the road is likely.

Or you can email me. Would love to get you that tune.

Visit me here &gt;&gt;&gt;SnoKarver
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A thought to accompany Todd's falling into turns on the steep: Make yourself perpendicular to whatever slope you're on as you begin your turn. Those folks who rely on huge upward efforts and/or pedal movements followed by big ski direction changes are all jumping up at an acute angle to the slope. Their pivoting would be easier, as would their effort to free the skis from the snow to make the pivots, if they moved outward more than upward.
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Its also a question of perspective. Often when one is afraid of something, the fear tends to magnify itself, until it begins to symbolize all that you have been afraid of throughout your life.

So although the fear and hesitation may bring back memories of other times when you have felt that way, try not to let the emotion compound itself.

Instead, isolate it for what it is and deal with it

As Freud would say, Sometimes a turn is just a turn!
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