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Originally Posted by Trapps View Post
Yes please. I'll pm details.

Thank you.
Your name on them Thanks!
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Originally Posted by Kanakry View Post
Rossignol 7S?
which ones are they and size?

Also info on the Dynastar Course GS and SL
The 7S..lol..I forgot to look at the size duh. I can ge the size for you..that .Anyway..they are Groupe 1 World Cup. They look good overall! The graphics/color..especially the fronts. Up close..there are some top sheet gouges near the edges,some heavier scratches on the top sheets of the tails. Bases are excellent! Edges have some light surface rust..don't require a grind

At least of the Courses are Gold chicken heart. The SL is a later dark colored skis. These are not here..I can get more info for you..
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Any 185 cms?
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Originally Posted by Aero View Post
Any 185 cms?
2 of them (At least..so far) 1 of the Elans and the other Atomics I listed.. Thanks..
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  I am unable STILL  to use the new Epicski(and have contacted support). I cannot post,respond or use messages. I am on AOL dial up..yes,yes I have cleaned out my computer,cookies,security, reloaded the software(AOL), etc.,etc.,I know a lot about older skis NOT!! about computers/stuff haha. I just do not know what to do about this at this time.

  The ONLY thing that has changed is the new Epicski

  I am busy skiing and just do not have the time right now very often to have to leave the house and use another computer just for this alone..as I am doing now. Everything else works as it did. I guess if someone or support could help me with this..then I can still do it at home..otherwise I dunno right now.


  As for the skis..they are of course all still here. I have done nothing with them yet..and won't for awhile..like I had said. Quite a few of them have been spoken for THANKS VERY MUCH GUYS!


   My email is:    Arnoldtheskier1@aol.com


   if anyone wants to contact me

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Fabulous Idea to give these away to good homes.  The only thing I'd be interested in would be some Rossi Haute Route's which aren't on your list.  Last time I saw them was at a shop at Sugarloaf in '01.  Cool ski!


Anyway, if Rossi is interested in a lot of them, or some other people in the North East then y'all should meet up at one of the western NY ski areas with a couple of trucks.  That way the shipping money goes to actually skiing and having some fun.  Could turn it into a straight ski party also!  Everyone always says how they want to try them again...


Ahhnald! Now yewr a Govenur!


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anyone ever come accross some volant zmax g. not really straight but i'd love a pair for the collection.

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   It appears as of several days ago..for whatever reason??..NOTHING I did on my end. That I can use Epicski again..back to this a bit.


   Out of these specific ones on this post here..Sal 8X,Ros 4G,Sal 3S, Still available. The other skis that others have dibs on (lol...yes including Smash) are still here and set aside. Even if I haven't gotten around to more detail on them.

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lol sure. I can use Epicski somewhat. Did not quote or respond to the post I was referring to or allow me to edit. Oh well. At least it worked!

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Update..the following are still available:


Elan Comprex RC S Titanium

Elan MBX

Fischer RS Racer

Head CR Racing

Pre M4

Sal S 8000 Equipe 8X

S 9000 Equipe 2S

9000 Equipe 9E3SF1(tip deflectors,Race Room Stickers


Best to email me..

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