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Zermatt in February !?!?

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Hello all.

I was wondering if there is going to be anyone here travelling to Zermatt the first week of February?

I will be there from 1.31 to 2.6. On some other forums I have seen some folks that are planning on being there that time... was wondering if anyone here is going to be in the neigborhood.

It is my first time skiing in Eurpoe, so I can't wait.

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Well you picked the right season and one of the best resorts. If you don't have a copy of Where to Ski and Snowboard, I suggest you get one.
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We were there last March and had a fantastic time. You will love Zermatt. I HIGHLY recommend that you hire a guide (you can have them form a group- no need to have a private guide) to ski off piste. The off piste skiing is not marked and on your own you will (1) never find your way around (2) not find the best snow and terrain and (3) might fall into a crevasse on the glacier and not be found for 500 years. We had a day with (I am not exaggerating) first tracks on every run in 30+ degree couloirs. The guide was great, and we met some very nice people in our group from Britain, Switzerland and France. Although I brought my own gear, the guide service will provide beacons and harnesses. Go to http://www.alpincenter-zermatt.ch/en.../freeride/chf/
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Make sure you make the journey over the top and down the other side to Cervinia  - the Skiing is quite dull in comparison but the village is fun and the other places along the valley are fantastic fun to ski - cannot remember the names right now....


Have fun in Switzerland and make sure to sample the Genepi :-)

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