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Jim O'D --
You mentioned Mike Rogan -- update: he's no longer Portillo Ski School Director. He left this summer and now they have somebody else there.
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Originally Posted by warren
Don't know about a comparison. I only went to the SMS/Momentum Freeride camp last summer BUT this summer I'll be doing the Adult Mogul Session 1 followed by the Freeride Session 2. I liked what I saw happening on the Mogul side last year...
Sounds like a plan. I might go this summer to a ski camp too.

Originally Posted by Cryptica
Geezer mentions NASTC. They're great.
That's encouraging too. I'm doing a NASTC "Intro to Back Country Skiing" in Truckee next month March 12-13. ....Never done it before but all those dreamy powder tracks that are out of bounds look so sweet.
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Are you still planning on starting a summer academy?
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