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k2 modx's or x-screams

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spent the last 3 days at sqaw on G4's.great conditions but the G4's 188 wore me out.had to go to my x-screams 187,made a world of difference.now i know theses are two total different skis.but fatter does seem to agree with me. i can ski most anything on the x-screams but they don't float as good as i would like them too.my buddy was on the k2 modx's (not the pro)and he was killing it.does anybody have opinion or expereince with theses two skis (k2 modx & x-screams).ski mostly sqaw and kirkwood,all conditions......6'1" 175lbs,good skier,brown hair ,green eyes,what else!!just kidding...thanks..
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My experience with the two skis was on Mt. Ashland (which is in Southern Oregon and has snow similar to what you get in Tahoe) on a day with decent West Coast powder, wind pack & crud. The Mod X was better in all three conditions. It's tip seems to float better.
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Skiers better than I have told me repeatedly that the Mod 7/8 - this year called the Axis - is a vastly under-rated ski. It has the same waist size as the Mod X [this years Axis X] but a wider tip and tail, and I do believe it's more flexible. Considering the places and conditions in which you ski, you may want to ask around and see if it might be the better choice - the float will, I expect, be superior to the X version.
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In my experience, anything with around a 70-80 mm waist is an extremely versatile ski. I never bought into the stiff, more stiff, thing. I can't tell... Ski it till it breaks. If it's too much ski for you, get better.

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There are skiers who will rave about the x-scream and those that will rave about the mod-x.Both are really great skies. My personal choice is the mod-x now axis-x.I chose the mod-x becuse it was the most fun mid fat ski in bumps.For me it was just a great all around ski. The more I ski it the better I like it. As far as float in powder,I am not sure if one would be better then the Other? If you are looking for a powder ski You might want to think about something shorter then That 188 cm G4 Maybe more along the lines of a 180 cm.I droped down from a 188 to a 181 and really don't feel any diffrence in edge grip but sure feel a big diffrence in bumps and tight places.I will also 2nd what Oboe said about the Axis.It is a much better ski then it gets credit for.That wide tip really helps in deep snow. Remember what Persident Bush said we need to spend money.So go out there and buy new gear.it is your duty as an American to buy new skies{ at least that is what I am telling my wife)
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I skied the Mod X all last year, and only had a few runs on a friend's X-Scream (he loves 'em). Although my experience on the X-Scream was limited, my impression is that it had better edge-hold on hard-pack, and was a bit more stable at speed. I did not try out the Screams in any deep powder, but the Mod X, performs great in soft snow and powder. They are both excellent, versatile skis. Demo the two if you can, and I'll bet you'll be able to pick the one that is right for you.
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You may want to also check out the Atomic betaride 9.22 as well. Its a bit fatter than the modx or the xscream, yet super agile in the bumps and trees. Its not as stable as the xscream at speed, but it still more than acceptable. The big plus for me is how well it handles the moguls and trees, and yet has great float in powder. A very versatile ski, which is making me have second thoughts about my xscreams.
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My vote is for the Xscreams. In my experience they bust through crud like battle tanks or maybe like a hum-v, well either way they are great. they have more energy than most other skis, they plow through crud, carve beautiful arcs, and float... well its 2mm... I dont want to sound too bad or cynical or whatever, but sometimes its not the ski, its the skier... sorry if that offends you or anyone else here, but the fact is that you can put any skier on any ski, and it doesnt change how they ski. Granted some work better than others, but these days the difference between midfats is so slight that once you ahve skied one you can account for the whole lot. And being that the mod x was an xscream clone i think that you will find more similarities than differences. It might be more helpful for you to look past what is on your friends feet and to what his feet are actually doing. Or... it could be just the beginning of the season and youre not back in shape yet.
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I agree with Wizard about the Atomic Beta Ride 9.22 skis which you might mant to check out. I have them and love them. His description is right on the money. Another ski you should check into is this years Rossignal Bandit X. EVERY SINGLE REVIEW I've read on these skis just raves about them and might be just what your looking for. If we ever get any snow in New England this winter I'm going to demo some.

Good Luck
Jeff J.
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