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Not a problem. I'm enjoying the pictures, chat and advice.

I'm convinced I need to have a side trip...NOW. The problem is, coming from PA when I/we get to Breck everything seems so BIG. No doubt, every year we have the following conversation:

"Should we go to Vail or try somewhere else?"

"Why would we do that...we haven't even skied the whole mountain in front of us."

"Well, I'm hearing that it's something we should experience."

"I haven't experienced all of Breck yet". "How much time would it take out of our skiing here?" "Why leave here when we are having a blast?"

LOL...it's funny...EVERY YEAR. I think we are just lazy and end up staying. But who knows...THIS MAY BE THE YEAR. I'm going to print out this thread and take it along for when the subject comes up!

Thanks to all.
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man, if i only had 6 days in Summit i'd do:

Beaver Creek
and then repeat a day at the place i dug the best

(you could always substitute Loveland and/or Keystone and/or A-Basin into the mix, as well).

last season during one of my jaunts out there i ended up at Aspen Highlands with a buddy. It was only about 2.5 hours from Summit County. The hill was empty when we went and i couldn't believe it. My buddy's response: "The flatlanders (i.e. Denverites) never come here because it's too far of a drive."

that cracked me up as it's only about 3-4 hours from Denver to Aspen, which is the normal driving time from SF/Bay Area to Tahoe, which is our closest set of slopes. Basically 3-4 hours is normal for me. but i guess if you can get to Loveland in about an hour then the prospects of spending another 3 to hit Aspen (and you drive by A-Basin, Keystone, Copper, Vail, and Beaver Creek along the way) is not very enticing.

Anyway, long story short: y'all should make a point to ski (at the very least) one other resort while you're out there. be adventurous!

honestly, you can learn enough about a resort in one solid day of skiing it to know if you want to go back and explore some more.
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do it.

end of.

what dookey67 says - in his(?) earlier post


CW :-)
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I agree with the previous posts- go to all 5 on your pass if you can. The Basin, if there are mostly intermediates in your group, will be the most intimidating (there is blue terrain, but the best stuff there is harder on average). And remember, if you get up a little early, the travel time won't take any ski time away, sop tell your friends that is not an excuse. It will just be a bit longer to the hot tub on the way home. You may want to base each day's choice on the snow report.
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Originally Posted by dp View Post
You may want to base each day's choice on the snow report.
That is good advice but since you'll be local, if you're going to follow the snow, analyze the snow report like a local does:

1. If the storm is very windy, the new snow reports will be all over the map. Often the report is just random based on how the last gust left snow at the stake. The last storm was like that. As I recall, Vail reported 12" but Beaver Creek only 4". They probably actually got the same amount. Also, super windy storms make the snow slabby and wind packed which isn't nearly as good as a windless storm.

2. When looking at the snow report, it's very important to know when the snow actually fell. The morning report comes from a measurement at ~5:30am. So assume a storm dumps 10" between 10am and 3pm. The next morning's snow report will be 10" of new but since it fell when the ski area was open, there won't be untracked powder and you'll feel like the snow report was a lie.

3. Since the measurement is taken at ~5:30a, a lot of snow can fall between then and the open. If it's dumping during that period, the snow will be deeper. I've seen Breck report 1", which keeps the powder skiers at home and when I get up there it's deep and empty.

4. On weekends, front rangers follow the snow reports. So if Vail reports 12" and Breck only reports 4", front range traffic will be heavier than normal at Vail.

5. Keep in mind that at Breck, they measure snow in a location that does not represent the upper parts of the mountain. If Breck reports 6" of new, you'll be skiing 10"+ up high. This may be true at other hills as well but I don't have local knowlege of them.

6. The drive over Vail Pass can suck in a storm. If Vail were to report 10" of new and Breck 5" of new and it was snowing heavy at your decision point. I'd stay at Breck to avoid Vail Pass.

7. The snow reports you want to check are snow.com for the Vail Resorts areas and coloradoski.com for the rest. All the other reports come from these and are unreliable at best. Most of all, ignore the Denver TV new reports. They are the worst.
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