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Rental advice appreciated

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I've got two western resort trips ahead of me this year, the first of which starts next weekend and I am absolutely pumped. I went to Park City last year for my first western ski trip in 8 years and found that the new equipment 'helped' me ski a lot better than I remember from the straight skis I own (200cm Blizzard skis from the late 80s).

Not to get too winded on you guys, but last year, I was on two different types of skis. The PCMR rentals were their base ski -- and, at DV I upgraded to their performance ski. I vastly preferred the latter. Unfortunately, I don't remember the brands.

I'd love some advice to get down to the type of ski that's most suited for me. Any help would be appreciated. Please forgive the greenbean question and lack of knowledge of ski lingo...

Age 40 / 6'0" 215#
Solid level 6 skier -- most experience east coast
Ashamed to admit how much I enjoy carving down the well groomed blue. Intimidated by most blacks, skiing in the trees, and open powder -- but, I really want to get there, soon.

I was thinking about renting the Volkl Mantras everyone raves about. Is that a bad idea?

Finally, if anyone has any specific advice on where to go in PC for rentals -- I'm eager to get the boots and skis right! Helpful folks are the key...

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You will probably find better deals and more choices by renting from an off-mountain shop. Most have a choice of packages with different performance levels. Best prices will probably be in SLC vs Park City. Some locals may be able to recommend a shop that's convenient. Disavantage of this is if you have problems with the equipment, it's going to be a drive back to SLC to get it resolved.
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If you are skiing at PC all week I would rent from someone on the mountain. If you have boot issues you can easily swap them out. Also, if you end up renting/demoing the higher end ski a lot of shops will let you swap out and try a different ski (in that same category) every day.
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I've often debated renting at home vs. renting near the mtn vs renting at the mtn. I come down on renting at the mountain, so that if there are equipment problems (gosh . . . problems with rental equipment??) they can be remedied fast and we don't lose our ski day in the process. You pay a premium for that "insurance" of course but I think it's worth it.
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