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No offense, really, but that's a well-traveled road that doesn't go very far; in fact, the dead end is right around the corner. anyway, just the obligatory FYI.
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You laugh, Ryan, but I plan to use two lines there:

One may not follow,
One may not lead.
When they go they go together.

Isn't that the point?
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have you visited the pointless forest?

- yours,

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No. I stick pretty close to the enchanted forest.
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VSP-It's been tried previously to no avail. I applaud you trying.

SCSA has been carrying the banner for a long time
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You say, "...I'm willing to listen to your ideas...".

Oh, this is a big step backwards! Posts like this show just how out of touch gang leaders are with even the most basic concepts of how to take care of customers.

Seems to me that it all has to be about whether or not you like Harald and your own personal opinions of Harald. You gang leaders could care less that he has lotsa customers that love his system. All you seem to care about is whether or not you like him, or if you personally approve of what he's doing.

You know what I think you gang leaders are really pissed about? That he went off and started his own gig.

Remove your personal feelings about HH - they don't matter. All that matters is your customers and what they want. If they want PMTS, give it to them. If they want 1234, give 'em that.

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You obviously missed the point of my last post!

I have known Harald and Diana for, oh- must be the better part of 15 years. How long have you known him?
I respect him- always have, and contrary to your belief, I have no reason to disrespect him. Because I am probably not as familiar with his latest stuff, this in no way implies anything about my respect for him.

I'm just tired of hearing the same repetitious rhetoric from you, claiming to be speaking for HH and DR. I'd like to hear him speak for himself. I'm sure everyone else would, too!

Call me what you will, but I don't believe you will find anybody who can claim that I'm anything but progressive in my desire to improve upon what I do for my guests, and to improve my own skiing!

By the way- I learned long ago that if you want to change something, you must be a part of it! You can not change anything from the outside.

"The view from the cheap seats must be pretty good!" (Michael Douglas to Martin Sheen in "The American President".)


[ June 04, 2002, 08:26 AM: Message edited by: vail snopro ]
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How do you know the mad professor? Another twist to think about, do we really pull the uphill foot back or are we lenghening our uphill hamstring which helps our alignment at the initiation of the new turn.
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I only met him once several years ago at a Bula race my stepdaughters were in.
I got his book from Dick Cates who coaches with me and takes his son and nephew out there to train in December. I also know "Scooter" Meyer from coaching at Hood and when he was back in Central a few years ago.
I came to the conclusion some time ago that we're pretty much saying the same thing, just that each one has a little different way of saying it. I think that's a good thing because, just as each says it differently, each precieves it a little differently.
As far as lengthening the hamstring, I'm pretty sure that's not it in my coaches boots. I'm going to have to do a little on-snow experimenting with my Dobies. I hadn't planned on taking them to Hood this summer but maybe this would be a reason.
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Fair enough.

You know what you should do, drop him an email. See if he'd be interested in dropping for a Q & A session.

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