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Garmont Endorphins, what do you all think??

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Just wondering what others think about the Endorphins. I’m using Salomon XWave’s and was going to go to the Endorphins. I spoke with a guy in Truckee and he said the 29 and 29.5 are actually the same shell and same liner size, just the footbed insert is different. I do not have the luxury of trying on for size as I live where no shops carry AT/Tele equipment. So I’m having to order and then adjust with inserts, etc. Presently use a 29/29.5 (stamped 29 on the base) in the Xwave and I ski with no or very thin dress socks. Just wondering if others can provide some feedback on how these boots fit them. True to size, or did you go up or down. From what I can tell the 29.5 should work for a 12.25 foot and my foot is just at a US 12, with the ball being approx. 101mm and the heel being approx. 70 mm. I was thinking the 29.5, because I could then actually start using socks and have some adjustment options because it would not be skin tight. Plus No one local has a clue about doing heat fits. I can read directions and give it a go, but it would be nice to work with a specialist or someone who knows.

Also how did you all like the stiffer boot? My boots are only about 90 on the alpine flex. I think the Endorphin will be stiffer than my overlap Xwave 8, from what I have read. Garmont rates the Axon and Endorphin at 130 flex, but that seems extreme. Regardless, sounds like it will be stiff enough to be a boost over my present boots, but still have the comfort to do small day tours or local weekend stuff.

Just to note: I’ll be using these boots for all skiing, on and off slope with the majority of slope use in ungroomed woods and steep canyons etc. and off slope on day climbs to 11,500 or less and pitch of 35-45 max. That is if we get enough snow this La Nina winter.

Thanks for all the help.
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Show me the Money
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No found a deal 100s off, but just saw a post that they don't work with Duke's. Not good!!!
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The Power of the internet.
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Endorphins have a custom fit thermo liner so the there really is no 1/2 size. Get the 29 or the 29.5 and when the molding is completed the boot will fit. If you fit well in a 29 alpine shell you should be fine in a 29 Garmont.
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Buying boots on the internet is generally a bad idea. Boots with thermofit liner by internet when you have no fitters around is truly bad bad bad idea.

Where do you live?
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I’m in Southern California and we have no local shops that sell AT equipment. All I can do is base my purchase on what I’m using now, feedback like this, and the fact that I can return if they do not workout.
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just advising against it. Very difficult to get it right. Southern CA has shops withing a few hours certainly and has shops where you travel to. That would definitely be a better way.

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Thanks Lou, I'll search and see if any of the shops to the northeast of me deal with Garmont. I did call direct this morning and based on telling them I had a b/c foot and my general size they felt a 29.5 would be a good start and then changing the footbed or a shim would help if I need to fill the boot. I'm a 12 with a 100-101mm ball and 70,mm heel. Problem with my present 29's is I have to ski with no sock or a very thin dress sock. Even my ultra thin socks just don't work. The liner makes the boot feel just a bit short. The liner in the 29.5 over the 29 is a tad thinner.

I get free shiping out, but will have to pay to send them back if I go that route. One on-line shop would allow me to ski the boot and send it back no questions asked if it didn't work, but it's almost 200.00 more and it's already costly for me as it is.

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The liner in the 29.5 is identical to the liner in the 29. Moreover, without molding the liner toe room may be difficult to come by. If toe room in the Garmont is good without molding quite likely you should downsize. However, the 29 shell does sound correct.

Good luck. I'd definitely look into purchase from a shop instead of online.
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Lou, Thanks again for all your input. I really though about it a lot and called Garmont again and told them I was having no luck finding anyone in the local mountains that sold their boots. Come to find out we have a master boot fitter just over an hour south. Not in the mountains but the city. Guess I was looking in the wrong place, but I never would have thought we’d have a AT/Tele shop in the city and not up in the mountains. Turns out the owner has been working with Garmont for years and I’m taking vacation time from work to go see him tomorrow.

Sure glad you all questioned my plan as it was worth taking the time.

Thanks again,
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Nice decision. Good luck with the boots. I've been selling them for several years with good response from customers.

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