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Since they stopped production of this ski this season, I bought a pair and skied one day on them. They are great skis, suitable as a 70/30 east coast ski, or a frontside west coast ski, but I committed to a 1-ski west-coast quiver approach, hence something a little wider. Condition is what you'd expect after only one day of use, which is pretty much near mint.

This ski is the same exact ski as the 07-08 Contact Limited and the current 2009 Contact 10 in every way other than graphics, except it has a synthetic core instead of a metal core, so slightly softer flex (people who have skied both say the difference is pretty minimal).

Price is 349$ shipped with USPS Priority, via Paypal (or certified check). I've sold stuff here before so I have references if you need. If you have serious interest and want to see pics, drop me an email or pm. They will go on ebay in a few days if they don't sell here.

Thanks for looking!