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Mounting Bindings in Taos?

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So the nearest town to me that has a couple ski shops is Amarillo, TX. Didn't think there would be any problems getting my new Atomic Neox 4.12 bindings mounted.

After going to both shops I was informed that neither shop sold Atomic bindings and didn't have a single person between them that had been certified to mount Atomic bindings nor the jig to mount them. I don't get why they wouldn't have at least one person certified.

Anyway, this coming weekend I'll be in Taos 1/31 and in Red River 2/1. I'd like to get them mounted while there. Preforably at the base of Taos so I can get them done asap. Does anyone know of a place that can mount them in that area?

Kinda at a loss. Just didn't expect to have a problem getting these done.
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What skis are these for? There are probably a lot of Atomic dealers that don't have a Neox jig...these bindings aren't exactly popular on the flat ski market.

Definitely call ahead.
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First Place I would call is Boot Doctor which is in TSV 1 minute from where the shuttle bus drops you at the ticket office. I'm fairly sure they sell Atomic skis as I nearly bought some metrons there a couple of years ago.

http://www.bootdoctor.com/taos/taos.htm Tel. 575 776 2489

IMHO they are the best outfit in Town and if they don't have the jig to do it for you, I'd bet they could tell you who would.

Taos ski & boot (also right there in the resort) would also probably be able to do it and I've had work done at the resort rental shop too.

Good luck and pray for snow - it's been 3 weeks since we had anything significant here.
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I'd second that, I was going to post that link but I couldn't confirm they are presently an Atomic dealer.
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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
What skis are these for?
NOS Atomic Tweaks

Called Cottams since they're listed on Atomic web site. Girl that answered the phone told me that they could. But I had an idea she didn't know what she was talking about so I asked to talk to one of the people that mount bindings. He told me right away that they didn't have that jig and to call bootdoctors. straightforward and helpful guy.

Called Bootdoctors. They made sure to check for the jig before telling me they could do it and said they could do it quick fast. Sounds like a top notch place.

Odd that the shop on atomic's site can't and the shop that isn't can. Confusing for a new ski newbie like me to say the least. I would have had no idea to call Bootdoctors.

Thanks a ton. You guys saved me from a nervous breakdown I think. LOL
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