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Left turn problem - can my bootfitter help with it?

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My boot model is the Salomon Course Pro Model from several years back. They were professionally fit by one of the top bootfitters in Taos. They fit and ski wonderfully and I have no fit problems or pain. I have custom footbeds. I can barely wiggle my toes.

My everyday ski is the Legend 8K mounted with Rossi Axial (Pivot) 140 bindings, but I encounter my problem with all skis, including carvers (Tigersharks) and the all-mountain variety (the 8Ks, Mantras, Mythic Riders, etc.).

I've skied for around 35 years and I don't recall having this problem until shaped skis were invented.

I've addressed the issue with several instructors and none of them suggested anything more than to continue to work on the problem while skiing. None of them suggested an equipment solution. I haven't discussed this with my bootfitter but I will if this is something he can help resolve.

Physically, my left leg is shorter than my right leg by 3/4 of an inch.

The problem: when I turn right I can easily roll my ankles and make perfectly carved turns. When I try to do the same thing turning left, it doesn't work. It is very difficult for me to roll the left foot when I begin turning left even though it rolls perfectly when turning right. When turning left, I compensate for this by unweighting the left leg to begin the turn, which enables me to complete my carved turn to the left primarily using the right ski initially. It is possible for me to force my left ankle to roll when turning left but when I do that ski is somewhat wobbly and it does not track correctly. My right leg does what it is supposed to when turning left or right.

Is this a problem that can be addressed through boot modifcations? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
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do you use a lift in shoes for the shorter leg?

can you remove a binding lifter on one ski? sounds like the boots fit well, so you might not have much room to play inside the boot, but if the binding lifter works, then get a larger lift on the outside of the boot for the shorter leg. (and at the same time get all the other boot alignment issues checked out)

can you go back to the Taos shop for this?
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I've never used any type of lift.

I'll ski Taos another 40 days this year and I'll talk to my bootfitter about the issue to see if he has any suggestions. If we get it worked out I'll let you know what we did.
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i would try a lift of around 10mm under the binding of the left ski, if it is possible.... i think that without some kind of intervention like this you will struggle to make your turns more symetrical
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Since you have an LLD I was wondering if you might also have different circumference calf muscles where they exit the liner, so put your boots on and measure around your legs with a tape at the top of the liner. If they are different this will affect how you load the skis(shovel to tail)as you initiate your turns. If there is a difference try adding a spoiler to the thinner leg.

cped/master bootfitter
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My bootfitter "cooked" my liners to "fluff" them up a bit.  This was the first time they had been cooked.  He then installed a little bit of lift under the footbed of the left boot.  I was skiing with an instructor who remarked that whatever was done to my left boot should be done to my right boot.  The bootfitter then installed the same amount of lift under the footbed of the right boot.  Problem solved.  I don't know why this solved the problem but it did.

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