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Plattekill Fri 1/23/09

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Sorry no great pictures to speak of, I get off the lift start skiing and get back on the lift. I have some pictures from the base and will post a few once I download them. Anyway, today Friday 1/23 was very nice. I think we were two of the maybe 50 people on the mountain today. The conditions were good with spots of very good, fast GS turns down the groomed, with soft crud to the sides to change it up and some even softer spots with nice bumps forming. Plattekill is a cool groovy/funky throwback mountain, you either love it or don't care for it, kinda like the Abasin or MGR of the Catskills. Personally I love no frills skiers mountains. Blockbuster, my favorite run, was all natural and fantastic, steep with weeds & brush sticking up through the soft snow with nice bumps forming by the end of the day. Very cool when you start forming your own bump lines run after run skiing the same line, not to often you get to do that. Things have filled in nicely, a few more dumps and its going to be perfect. The season is starting to shape up nicely, especially after that freezing rain fiasco.
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Blockbuster is superb on a day like this - I can picture it. Wanna get back there soon.
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Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week- Fan Appreciation Days:

Tickets $15.00! And this year it looks like one will even get some snow thrown in the deal...
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shhhhhhhhh...just kidding we could shout it from the hilltops and it will still be empty. Hopefully some snow falls between now and then.
Where on the sound is your boat? I keep my Cape Dory on City Island.
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Our boats are neighbors. We live on our boat at Glen Island Marina in New Rochelle. It is a 53' cutter designed by Philip Rhodes and was built in 1937.

If you are going to be at Plattekill this week we should meet up. I wear a black jacket with Plattekill and MRG stickers on the back. We hopefully will be there for all three days, but it depends on whether or not my wife can take some time off. We will definitely be there on Friday though. Last weekend was spectacular!

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