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Dr Go,
Snow GUMS are trees, with which Oz slopes are liberally bespeckled. One throws up on them when badly hungover. Sometimes in uniform. I am admitting to nothing here.

Do not expect to find Fosters in Oz these days. When we stopped drinking it, because it has no flavour, they exported it to the UK and the US. It has never been sold in those oilcans in Oz, they are a gimmick. Although you can get huge cans of all kinds of beer up in Darwin, where they spend all Wet season drinking.
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Do they REALLY let instructors teach without explaining the Q angle to them.
[ November 22, 2001 11:15 PM: Message edited 2 times, by Lisamarie ]

You were on a roll then, heck you edited twice! Then you guys got into G-spot and I thought you were talking to ME!
SO yeah I think that this Q angel was soooo important that you flamed a few folks in the other thread that it nust MUST be a key to a good lesson or not?

I mean an instructor has got to LISTEN right?

Thanks, I thought Snow Gum was that stuff on the first lift pole out of the station.

BTW, LM, I just have this hunch that these "MALE" instructors have more than a passing understanding of the Female Anatomy. Just a thought.

It is cool, to hear from you though! As Ott, woul say "Ich bin begeistert davon."
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Quite fortunately, most instructors of BOTH genders that I've encountered do have that knowledge.

Which is why its a bit shocking that some don't.

Can one really consider it reasonable that a sport that is one of the most expensive, and perhaps the most dangerous, would not require its instructors to have some BASIC anatomical knowledge?

I don't think so.

And once again, I reiterate, that I have been very fortunate in finding instructors that are extremely knowledgable in that regard. Had that not been the case, there is absolutely NO WAY I could have gotten so hooked on a sport in which I have no natural talent whatsoever.

That being said, tha topic of this specific thread is HOW not to teach a ski class. So I would have to say that an instructor with limited biomechanical knowledge might be a turn off to SOME, {but not all} students.

Consider the words of our own Bob Barnes , on page 2 of the Encyclopedia of Skiing:

"Of course, like so many athletic but uninformed skiers who don't realize their techniques are fundamentally flawed, instructors whose teaching suffers from a lackof understanding usually don 't realize it either! Students lacking a technical background get confused-but they rarely know why. Students who have a technical background do not get confused-they quickly recognize the instructor's flawed understanding, and then often distrust everything he says, valid or not."

Also, take a look at this site: http://www.skilikeawoman.com

I DO NOT believe that everything said about male instructors is valid. Especially since, as a traitor to the feminist movement, my 2 favorite instructors are male.
But there are women who feel that way. How come?

BTW, the edits; never tooka typing lesson in my life! Suppose its better than never taking a ski lesson.

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You are so right on!

Don't ever change!
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Thanks for clarifying a few botanical issues for Go. Those resort promo nights can be dangerous. All that free schnapps and “holiday company”. The best hangovers start around 2:00pm … just after the first three 2 hr beginner classes and no lunch.

Where can I get a good Texan speak dictionary as I am struggling with some of your lyrics. Bowling and beer, Texans V Aussies … now that sounds like my kind of sport ... of course the Texans would need to front a metal detector before taking the field ... and wipe their boots.

One thing I know about the female anatomy is that urban rebounding could be perilous for women that have had children…..oops.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ November 24, 2001 05:14 AM: Message edited 1 time, by man from oz ]</font>
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And that's why Kegels are so important!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lisamarie:
And that's why Kegels are so important! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I am suprised that the "Dudes" or "Studs" of your generation even NEED that type of reminder.
Kegels are extreemly important for the Male anotomy as it enhances all sorts of IMPORTANT functions as well as Enjoyment.
But there we go this male female thing. DO Female Aerobic Instructors really FEEL what it is like to be a MALE in their class? (do they HEAR us?)
WE WANT EQUAL RIGHTS! for the (Gonads and Strife Crowd.)


Can I call you that? Cause it sounds like you know "air head" or something? ( I am sorry, OZone, you know, Oxygen times two) Tongue firmly in cheek or what ever LM does... so as to be non offensive I mean.

Been to Vail?

Know Pepi's?

Seen the BOWLS?

We will visit the OB once we get there and the snow piles up a bit.

(oh I forgot OB = Out of Bounds, as in not on the map, ski area does not like us there, state law puts OB Skiers in jail, but it is sooooo much FUN, and First tracks too. You do know what first tracks are? Yeah well kinda but on the snow, get you head up.)

SO we get a drink or two at Pepi's, (translation a very expensive place to get a buzz. BUZZ = HEAD or LOAD or DRUNK)

and we go BOWLING, ski the bowls, OB stuff that is somewhat exciting you know?

Just trying to show you a good ole USA fun tirp. (translation, Texas Hospitality)

(Then again some folks think we drag em behind pick up trucks)

Love the SNOW GUM! I think we could go to the CLUBS in NYC and make a killing on this concept!

(does that make sense or should I translate it?)

Any way Ya'll are just having TOO much fun for little ol' me!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Dr.GO:
Now we know why Snow Toads are extinct.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


You are only slightly wrong about snow toads. They are not extinct, but they are endangered. You can do your part to help ensure the survival of this species by opposing the reintroduction of hungry forest carnivores like the Lynx Canadensis.

Snow Toad
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Well I have never had the privielge to meet or ski with a Toad.

However I have many FROGS who are ski friends and have been involved in other more intimate pursuits as well.

As for our Canadian Cousins, well .... we keep their TIMBER out of here so we can to SKI it! (they have not caught on to the fact that the standing timber can make em more money that cutting it down and shipping it to us) And another thing give up that CD and go to USD ASAP. That will increase land valuse and give the Canadians some stronger buying power.

But then again we like going up there and buying a home in the wilds of Vancover for a nice discount. It will get real intresting now that the Strata Scheme has gone bust!

Can you say REAL ESTATE BUST! or BOOM depending on where you stand?

(GO USD right now and save yourself a problem later, is my advice, but it may already be too late)
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Dr. Go, seriously speaking, that was why I brought up the issue of a guy in his first Yoga class. Unfortunately, I have seen the scenario I describes happen far too many times.

The way I see it, part of the problem lies in people being so darn politically correct about insisting on equality, that they ignore the anatomical differences between men and women that can effect movemnt style.
In some cases, a lack of understanding for ANY athletic event.

I mentioned in a different thread that it is interesting to note, that as all instructors, as well as equipment manufacturers become a little bit more aware of female anatomical issues, there seems to be more women on the slopes.

Now of course, you can take this overboard. If you have a 5ft.'8 female, with boyish narrow hips, its not always appropriate to put them in female specific boots, or to put them in a wider stance.

So lets go beyond male and female. Far too many instructors of ANY movement activity are unable to trancend the senstaions of their own body type, and empathize with someone who is built completely different. At the gym, for example, you can always tell who the newbie instructors are. Everyone in the class is of a similar height and build.

BTW, most of this forum is pretty Kegel Savy. Do a search for a thread in general skking called Keggle What? and read my thread in Fitness on Functional Sports Training!
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Vertical Limit the movie, did you see it?

With all due respect, and if you read my posts, although I am having a great time aometimes at others expense. I have supported your "veiw" / "Dogma" in more cases than one.

However, there was a line in the move that is "Apprapo"

Let me ask are you French Canadian?

It is my humble opinion that the ski industry and the profession of ski instruction as well as rescue and development of the sport in general. Has done a terrific job in recognizing the differences in body type regardless of gender and in honor of it.

Now as indicated in this post as in others by others about instruction, we have some challenges. Just like any other service industry. (yeah that is right all you INSTRUCTORS out there you are SERVANTS) In the service industry there is this thing called the individual which just seems to make things real interesting for eveyone who whats one experience to be the same as the last.

Frankly I have found that the teams which celebrate individuality with the close adhearance to GOAL or DIRECTION seem to do better in this type of enviroment. (why do the servers in your favorite restaurant get to wear a dirrerent tie or maybe even different clothes? (I take a risk here in that your favorite restaurant is not McDs)

But McDs is a case in point. Firstly they have a terrific system becasue they can take a Muskovite who has no idea what western food is and produce a pretty good hamburger. Or the indegionous peoples who represent out inner city can have succes with thier system also.
It is a criticism of our success though that we are thought ot has Mc Ski resorts here in the USA.

So to the point there may be individual instructors who need more training and or who are not getting it.

However in this industry alot of time money and research has gone into body type and the technology of skiing.

Granted there are some body types that the ski designers may have left out. But I would suspect that this body type is not going to ski. And this body type is not representitive to an active lifestyle male or female.

Much has been said about stance. I have seen and I have witnessed that the direction is a comfortable stance. An athletic stance, some space between the feet to promote balance. These are the thoughts of most all instuctors and coaches in skiing and in many sports acitivities.

Here in this last post you begin by saying that is why I posted "the Kegel" - then you finish by saying that BTW most have a good knowlege of what it is.

WHich is it today, FRENCH or CANADIAN!
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That's what another member of my club told me happended to her on a trip in JH:

ix) Tell the weakest skier in the class that his/her equipment is totally inadequate and nobody uses that stuff any more since the 80's until he/her does not return.

Try to get on one of the clinics of the Windsurfing mag or ABK with instructors like Andy Brandt, Dasher and the likes. I think they are down in the caribean this season. I had a great time in April in the OBX. These people are completely commited to instructing, whatever your level. Conditions in the sound are ideal for learning, in particular waterstarts and jibes. Also great reputation (i cannot tell from own experience in this case) has Tinho Dornellas' (http://www.calema.com/) down on the Banana River in Florida.
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The worst thing you can say, well just about the worst is: It's easy! :
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ah- von, too, tree...skis like me
The instructor pushes off and skis to bottom.
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