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heh heh.  Perhaps.  Already bought em, they were on sale and about to run out. They are a decent ski to teach on.  I specifically want a softer carving ski for teaching.  These actually held up well under decent speed on a non-hardpack.  But for teaching most of the time I need to go slower.  Actually I thought about getting even softer than these.  But these are nice compromise.  


I got a lot of mixed messages about the Progressor and too much of a pain to find for demoing.  Demo'd the Z10 for 3 days of cert training and they were pretty much perfect for the task.  They are definitely soft, which made them nice in the bumps and forgiving as can be.  But honestly, I was skiing way faster than everyone else in the clinic including the teachers, and getting thumbs up all day long; they perform plenty well for this type of situation and the forgiveness makes them easier to deal with typical teaching scenarios.


But now that I have these bought, I am going to start demoing and planning for another pair of skis for my quiver that is more high performance carving, perhaps a Fischer WC SC or something along those lines.  CX70, Laser Cross Pro, Laser SC, etc.  Essentially some of the detuned SL skis, but actually I would prefer 14-15m radius.  Or maybe I will get my back a little stronger before I get the next pair and get some actually SL skis, we'll see.


I am thinking about getting a Skier's Edge to help get my back shaped up (knock on wood).


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You owe it to yourself to try the Progressor 9.  Buckwild just doesn't like that ski, which is absolutely fine, but it's a shame if you base your judgement on one persons view. 

Although, i don't own the progressor 9 (been demoing it for the past 2 weeks) it's on the top of my list as a race carver. 

Is it an all mountain ski? 

In my opinion, absolutely not.  Not a great bump ski, but suprisingly well off-piste/crud and if you like to ski fast then buckle your seatbelt!


The progressor 8 is a softer version and although i haven't skied it, it would probably be a better all mtn. ski. 


Just my 2 cents.

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I just got the new NORDICA SPITFIRE in a 170cm.  This ski rocked, it has a SL type tip and a GS type tail.  It was very positive at the start and super smooth through the finish.  It will be the most popular ski in my quiver.  Check them out.

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