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When I first started skiing many decades ago....I borrowed my Dad's Army Arctic parka......Thing was army green, made out of canvas and hung down to my knees. Wool lined on the inside and had a hood on it that was fur lined. Warm as a sunny day in Florida. So dont worry about how ya look...worry about how ya ski cuz in the end....thats all that matters.
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Gold Bond is medicated to prevent itching. It's a cure more than a cause of irritation, as far as I know.

I sometimes use Arrid extra dry anti-perspirant cream on my feet to prevent sweating, my buddy uses Gold Bond powder. Most people don't even think about stuff like that until they have skied at least a few times. You are going to be very well prepared if you keep asking so many questions.

The best thing to prepare is to order a how-to-ski book to read and a how-to-ski video to watch. Have you done this yet? I would say check out from the library, but public library in Texas might not have that on the shelf.
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I try to be prepared as much as i can as far as the video and book i will try half price books as i only have 10 days left now. they have all kinda of cool books there i bet they have a skiing book or dvd if not i will check itunes they have all kinda apps and videos.. we will be driving up there so i have 9 hours to watch a video or read a book...
i was asking about gold bond becouse i was in houston in august and you sweet something crazy and it was a major help to me i do not see why it would not work in the cold.... my big fear now is i have got so much stuff and its going to be so warm like 40's i might have a 300 bucks worth of stuff i might not use but on the other hand it will be much cheaper to go next time and if its cold them im ready!!!

Thank you so much for all of your advice and tips

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LOL joco
Just travel safe and have a lot of fun.
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then i thought i do not know what to were on my feet to the ski resort all i have are dress shoes and cowboys boots

So what do ya wear??[/QUOTE]

If I marketed those, they'd be called "Wookiee-Feet".
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learn 2 turn what a hell of a pair of boots i love them
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