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A cop is on patrol and sees a car parked alone in a parking lot. He makes a mental note of it and continues on his patrol. Comes around again and sees it is still there so he pulls up to it to take a closer look. He finds 2 teenagers in the car, one a boy and one a girl! Oddly enough the boy is in the front seat and the girl is in the back seat. The cop taps on the front window and the boy rolls it down.

cop asks, "What are you doing?"
boy replies, "Just listening to the radio"

Well, this doesn't seem right. The cop looks at the girl in the back and then asks the boy, "What is she doing?"

The boy looks back at the girl and then replies to the cop, "She is reading a magazine"

The cop knows something is up, so he asks the boy, "How old are you?"
Boy replies, "19"
Cop asks, "How old is she?"
Boy looks at his watch and then replies, "In about 11 minutes she'll be 18"