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Mittens with removable glove liners

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I'm looking for warm mittens with removable glove liners. I've read the thread here in EpicSki and TheSkiDiva and here are the mittens that seem to be recommended for warmth:

-Black Diamond Mercury
-Black Diamond Fever
-Swany Toaster
-Marmot Warmest
-Black Diamond Guide
-Black Diamond Patrol
-leather Grandoe

The problem is I have really small hands (so far, M or L junior gloves seem to fit best. I can probably do XS womens if the sizes run small. I was wondering which of these mittens above will have removable liners and which ones might be in my size. Thanks!

Oh and right now, I use an XS womens EMS glove. It usually gets super damp inside (my hands sweat a lot I think especially when I get nervous going down those steep runs). =)
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I recently bought some mitten/glove thingies that are made from a waterproof and breathable nylon fabric instead of goretex. My hands have been much drier in those gloves than they ever have been in goretex gloves. The advice I have gotten is that unless you're in a pretty wet area, you don't need gore and it just makes your hands wetter since other things breathe better.

I don't know much about other choices, but both my wife and I have been very happy with http://www.bentgate.com/he3glbyhe.html (there's a full mitten style too). My wife has fairly average sized hands for a woman and wears a size 8...they go down in size quite a bit from there. http://www.hestrausa.com/sizing_guide.pdf

Oh, and yeah, they have removable liners. Sorry to add another choice to the mix...
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You can wear any mitten with a pair of glove liners. That what I do on those cold Vermont days. And I'll throw in a chemical heat pack on the REALLY cold days (like week before last with temps well below zero).
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Add the Reusch goosebag mittens to the list. I got those for my wife and she loves them. They're very warm and run big so you can easily add a liner on cold days.
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I bought a pair of grandoe mittens this season. they are their GCS, or glove component system... the liner is in the mitten with velcro and is removable on warmer days or you can wear them with your own liners...

So far they are good gloves and keep me warm and they are reasonable priced.

Glove and Liner= Warm
Glove + Liner+ your own liners = warmest
glove only= good on a day 35 degrees or over.

Hope this helps some...
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