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I tried out the Icelantic shamans (184cm) for a day at Alta and a day at Solitude. The first day at Alta we had 20 inches of pow. The second day at Solitude we had the same snow, just heavier.

The Shamans were an absolutely fantastic ski. They float like the best, but turn like nothing else. Seriously, these guys are agile pretty much everywhere. I was able to go from turning in waist deep snow drifts to skiing bumps without even noticing the ski.

In groomers they were great for a powder ski. Not as stable as most great groomer skiis, but who cares. I was comfortable on them at speed.

The only place that I thought the ski was lacking was in very dense snow and crud. It lacked the oomph, the power of say a prophet 130 to push through anything without me noticing. They were fine in these conditions, but I still noticed the sub-par snow on day2, whereas on the lines I might not have.

I really had a lot of fun on these and would highly recommend them.