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IM Nail Question

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I just had an IM rod put in my tibia on January 2 and was wondering how long it will be before I can play sports or at least become active and drive again. The fracture in my tibia went togethere perfectly like a puzzle, but my fibula couldn't be reduced so it'll have to heal with a step. I'm 3 weeks into the 5 week non-weightbearing period and i'm just itching to go climbing in a few months (if i can)!
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All fractures are different and the surgery to repair them is artwork, not science. Talk to your surgeon, only he/she knows exactly what they did to your leg. Right now the answer will probably be, "it depends on how it is healing." Only time is going to tell as well as the X-rays they take to determine how well the bone growth is going.
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What Bucki78 said. Everyone is different. You'll know what you can do once you're able to walk on it again.

Good luck healing! Follow the doc's instructions to the letter, and try to keep your range of motion.
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My kid was getting around pretty good in 7 weeks. But, he was 18 at the time. Bodies are so different. Healing time differs. Good luck with yours anyhow.
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my 17yr son old just had a rod put in for a tib fib fracture, had a spiral fracture as well but no extra scews needed, any idea on time frame before he can start light jogging or stationary bike and possibilty of late spring skiing...?
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Hey guys i had IM rodding and screws done after an accident on December 15th in BOTH legs. Overshot a jump and snapped them in half. Double fracture to both tibias, single fracture to both fibulas, left leg was a compound fracture, right leg closed. Both legs were pretty serious fractures but im pretty sure they weren't spiral. I can mange on crutches and standing fine at the moment but the surgeon has told me im not meant to be yet (risk of bending the screws) as having both legs broken means weight bearing when im on crutches, I am having surgery in about 12 hours to remove the top screws and after that i have been told i can use crutches and when comfortable i can walk unaided which he thinks could be a couple of weeks

This came as a suprise to me as on my follow up x rays the bones are still really broken (i really made a mess of them and there are some big gaps) and the thought that i could be walking again unaided and driving in a few weeks is crazy, but good. I am going to be allowed to return to the gym and use a bike etc but no idea about sports. I am hoping to ski again next xmas time if i can and be kitesurfing again in the summer of the surgeon allows. If anyone could give me timescales about sports, skiing etc that would be nice.

I'm 20 if thats any help

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