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Park City Powder Cats

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I spent 10 days in Utah during the first half of January skiing. One of those days I went out with Powder Cats for cat skiing. I thought I would share some of my experience here. Sadly I left my camera at the hotel that morning.

Powder Cats is a pretty small operation. 2 cats with cabins and 1 groomer for putting down "roads". The area they ski however is VERY large, encompassing many may mountains and valleys. Their guides were pretty awesome. Great skiers who did a good job keeping us safe.

Safety was a big concern obviously given early Januaries avalanche issues. This really did restrict what we could ski. While it was apparent that they had a number of awesome looking steep bowls and tons of other challenging terrain, we really couldn't ski any of it for fear of avalanches.

That said, it was still a blast. We took faces that were pretty tame but that usually ran into large fields of Aspens. The tree skiing was fantastic. The snow was decent and we did about 12 runs for 1,200 vertical (some more) each.

Unless you need super challenging terrain to have fun, this is a great way to ski. The cats were incredibly comfortable, tons of runs (each was fresh tracks), great variety of terrain, very professional guides. It was a really good time.

I will definitely go back, but I will probably try to time it so that I am there when more challenging terrain can be safely skied. If you hit it right I am pretty sure you can get skiing almost on par with heli served, but for less then 400 dollars.

Sidenote: I think other people on the trip were not too enamoured with the snow quality. It was pretty heavy. That said I had prophet 130s that just ripped through everything and I didn't even notice.
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what area are they out of
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um sorry park city
gapped it
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