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2003 1080's

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hey guys

anyone know any info on these sticks. what are they like for all mountain, now that they're a little fatter. come on guys, i'm sure some of you have tried em'. spill the beans

later, and thanks in advance

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hey thanks man

i really thought the 1080's would be better for all mountain than the PR's. the PR's are great sticks, your right. so what do you think makes the 1080's like this??

any other views

thanks again

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I skied the new 1080 for a about 3 runs last year. It is certainly a very good jib stick; the wider waist and moderate shape are perfect for park and pipe. It would not be my first choice for an all mountain ski. Personally, I liked the old 1080 better for just plain skiing. Actually, my favorite Salomon would have to be the Pocket Rocket. It is the most versatile fat I have ever been on. It really does it all; bumps, crud, carved short turns, pow, switch, straightlines, whatever. Unless you live in the park, I would go PR over new 1080.
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I used to think the 1080 was a good all-mountain ski, but now that we have the ultra-versatile Pocket Rocket, the 1080 is looking more like a specialized trick ski. Be sure to have a go on the PR before you drop any cash on the 1080.
It's easy in the bumps and surfs over the slush. Think of the 1080 on steroids. Bigger, fatter, better.
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Consider the 2003 AK Rocket Pilot comes in a 195 only at this time. Same Space Frame as the PR.
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I've demoed the 2002 Pocket Rocket and 1080 back to back earlier this season. The PR is definitely the more versatile ski if you plan to use it as an all mountain ski. I was amazed at how light and quick the PR was for such a fat ski. If I had some spare cash, I'd buy a PR without any hesitation.
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once again thanks guys. so what do you guys reckon is the reason for the 1080's lack of all mountain rippability (is that a word ???)is it the flex, dimensions of next years 1080's?

thanks in advance

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I protest!
If you get any skis that perform better than last year's then none of us will ever beat you in the December race.
I think you should get a pair of Salomon Verse 5Ws in a 140 length with bindings set to 3. Then I might have a chance!

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