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Ski with Meniscus & MCL tear?

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Title says it all. I had a shunt on Saturday; hooked a gate and have done some damage. The extent is yet to be determined. I had an MRI last night.

I know the decision will be my Doc's and based upon my situation.

I am willing to make the right decisions; and if I can at least cruise green groomers with my kids that would be cool. I also won't risk bigger issues even if it means spending more at the bar than on lift tickets while the family skis. If I can't/shouldn't ski, I won't. I will have a new DJ Defiance III with all the straps next week.

What I am looking for is others experience of skiing while injured. Have you done it? What was your experieince? Why? I leave for CO in 20 days.

TIA for any constructive comments.

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MCL tears usually heal on their own but it takes time. Meniscus tears usually don't heal on their own but many people have them and don't even know it. To ski or not to ski with these injuries depends on how much pain and/or instability you experience while skiing. If it were me and the symptoms were mild while skiing, I would put off dealing with it until I was done skiing for the season. If the symptoms were preventing me from skiing, I would start looking at treatment options ASAP to be sure that I would be ready for the next ski season.
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I'm in a similar boat. Took some air at speed last Monday, thought I'd landed it only for my left ski to veer off at an angle. Wipeout. I didn't expect to get up from that, such was the initial pain, but I eventually managed to walk to the lodge and rest up the knee for a bit. Afterwards I managed to ski, gingerly - carving turns was fine but twisting motions were agony. Diagnosed myself with an MCL sprain or minor tear. Voltaren and knee brace/tape - I've skied on it 3 times since, including a race on Thursday. During the race I didn't feel a thing - I guess that's the adrenalin.

I figure that as long as it doesn't hurt then some exercise is better than no exercise. I can't kick a soccer ball, running isn't much fun, but cautious skiing seems ok. Keeping my fingers crossed that by the time we go to Hafjell in 2 weeks I won't have to be so cautious.
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4 weeks after acl and mcl sprain and tibial plateau hairline fracture. Skied blue cruisers on 3-4" of cut up snow. skied with a neoprene and hinged brace. did fine for about 3 hours. then stopped when it got sore. next day skied on the bunny slope with nephew's little daughter and that hurt more. only lasted 1/12 hours. too much twisting in trying to ski that slow.

if it's a minor injury like mine, i bet you'll be able to ski in 20 days with a brace. Good luck and don't push it so you lose the whole season.
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I wont ski with my injury till I'm confident in my knee. I want to go do some drills, but its really expensive to go to the local slope for 20 dollars to just do drills. =\
I figure greens for me for a bit as well, till I'm sure the twisting is good.

Yea, that slow speed stuff is hard, I just finally learned where the bunny hill was the last time i went skiing.
I learned on a green.
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I own a Physical Therapy clinic and tore my left fully, a grade 3, tore my right lesser prob a 1 or a mild 2. Skiing with a three is impossible. It's not the pain but the instability even if you numb it you cannot ski. A very mild 2 or a 1 you may be able to with very good bracing, taking it easy but if you feel laxity do not!
5-6 weeks a fully torn mcl will heal close to 100% if you treat it right. Go see a good aggressive PT
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The brace made it possible. Mostly Blues and Greens, a couple of flat blacks (International was a frontside favorite in my self imposed limits ;) ). I had problems turning right as I was afraid to load up the knee but managed OK. After a few runs I gained a fair bit of confidence and turns became easier. My knee is sore, but only slightly more than before the trip.

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I sustained a mild MCL almost two weeks ago.  Im going the agressive PT route starting today, luckily he is a new snowboarder and I am his ski buddy so its in his best interests to get me out there soon.   I might try it sunday and see where we land (not such a great choice of words).  I will report back with my results.

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Hello All,
I injured my knee back in July.  The initial diagnosis from the emergency room doc and my family doctor was that I had a partial MCL tear.  This was based on the fact that my knee was 100% stable (though sore), and it took a day or so to completely swell up.  They didn't see the need for an MRI to confirm this.  

Not long after, I was able to walk, golf, bike, and do most things but I still had some pain in my kneecap when running.  

After 3 months of this, I went back to my family doctor and he finally ordered up the MRI.  It turns out I've torn my medial and lateral meniscus, and damaged the MCL more seriously than he thought.  He figures it'll need surgery, and he's referred by to an orthopedic surgeon, who I don't see until late December.  He also figured skiing was out for the winter (and I would agree with him).

On the other hand, I feel like I'd be 100% good for light snowboarding, as it doesn't require any serious twisting of the knees.  

I'm not looking for any medical advice here, but I'm wondering if anyone here would agree that snowboarding would be a lot less impactive on me than skiing.  Basically, I'm just looking for some piece of mind before I see the surgeon, as I'm really down about the fact that my season is done before it even started (despite the fact I'm booked for SLC in February).  As well, I've got a great medical plan, and I could probably get any brace money can buy.  
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