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2 boot questions

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I have to hopefully somewhat basic boot questions. I am becoming more and more annoyed with my current boots and my wife needs new boots so that is focus for our next ski gear purchase.

1) How should a well fitting boot fit? What should be comfortable, tight, snugh and where should I feel pressure? I know that with a hard plastic shell its not going to be super comfortable but what should I aim for? What's condsidered normal discomfort versus just getting used to a well fitting boot?

I live in central ohio so there are no bootfitters from the list anywhere really near me. There is a guy at the local ski store who comes highly recommended but I'd also like some advice from this group.

2) I understand you get what you pay for but what price point should I aim for to get a quality boot that will last? The wife and I are strong intermediate skiers. We get out for 1-2 nice trips a year, a few day trips and I get in other trips just to the local hill. We don't need the highest dollar boots out there, but at what level do you begin to truly get quality for your dollar?

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- 1.5 fingers behind the heel in a shell fit
- toes should touch (not crush) the end when standing, brush or loss of contact when flexing
- boot should fit like a firm handshake
- err on the side of snug in the store - things will pack out
- boot last (shape) to match your foot
- grind and punch shell as needed to adapt to your foot (ankle bone, navicular, 1st met, big toe)
- get a decent generic footbed (sidas, superfeet)
- make sure the boot you choose has cuff alignment and get it done
- don't fall for gimmicks/colors
- buy a few pairs of proper ski socks
- shoot for $400 as a starting point
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thin socks,

non-stock footbeds
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I just had a guy come see me from Dayton Ohio, so people do travel a pretty good distance for this kind of thing. I am happy to fit you and your wife if you can take the time to come see me. Price would depend on the boot model and if it is a current year model. My prices range from $300-$900 depending on the boot.
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