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Them-ic Boot warmers

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Bought these off of Tramdock the weekend before my ski trip to Whiteface. Tramdock/Backcountry had awesome customer service getting them to me in time for my trip when they screwed up on shipping them to me.

Found here from the gear attack history.

Found here from Backcountry outlet.

They slide down into the ski boots and sit on the insole. Then you plug them in and let them do their thing. Come morning they are warm (not quiet hot) to the touch.

My wife's ski boots leak (eventually during a day of skiing) and she also uses the chemical boot warmers to keep her feet warm. So between her feet sweating from the heat and her socks and her boots leaking she normally has quite wet socks and boots at the end of a day. These dried her boots out without a difficulty each night and were still warm when she put them on the next day after driving to the mountain.

I'm hoping I can get additional use out of them for warming/drying my hunting and hiking boots from when I have an extra damp/wet day out in the woods somewhere.

I'm very happy with them, even happier with the deal I got on them.
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I had a set of those. Worked great at drying out my boots and warming them up before each ski day. One side stopped working a year or so ago and I replaced them with a set of Serius Boot Toasters. They work well also and can be had for $20-25.
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I got a set off Tramdock, and feel they don't work well enough for my purposes. I also have a pair of the DryGuy HDT Circulators (http://www.dryguy.net/PRD_HDT.htm), and they will dry my boots in about 30-60 minutes. I think it's the fan that makes the difference. My liners still felt damp after several hours with the Thermics. I do like that they are smaller and don't have a heavy power brick like the HDTs though (tradeoff that the HDTs works with 12V car power or AC). If you have the time, the Thermics are probably OK. Otherwise, I think the DryGuy HDT Circulators are a much better option. I got them on sale for $25 last year.
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The thermics are great for drying out gloves as well

Found they work better on the boot if you take the liner out, outherwise the moisture just condensates on the shell
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I like these one for about the same price ($25) if you manage to snag one from tramdock:


They dry a lot faster (30-45mins?) than the passive heat dryer, which is great when you have several pairs to dry. They draw air from outside the boot and heats & blows into the boot, so the combination of heat & air flow dries the boot super fast
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No matter how much airflow there is, these devices need to be used with the boots inverted. The base of the liner is waterproof, and you can push warm forced air into the boot for many hours without drying the nooks and crannies between the shell and bootboard where all boots accumulate water. Inverting the boots allows that water to migrate to larger surface areas and more breathable portions of the shell and liner.

For off the shelf stuff, I like:


But I typically roll my own.
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