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Lange super comps

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hey all

I got a set of the lange super comps.

have to say i love them. best boot ever had, so responsive, - i moved up from the 2001 L10 which i also loved.

anyway got the comps with the world cup liner ( laced one) bloody nightmare getting them on and off.

if i lace them up outside the boot feel like im overstreching the shell to get my foot in.

If i part lace them up, and put the liner in the boot first makes it difficult to get foot in later ( crumples

and if use no lace fit is all wrong..

also takes me ages...

so anyone got any tips on getting these b*ggers on and off.

once there on they are great.

woops posted in wrong area...
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I'm also skiing the Supercomps in the WC fit and agree they are freakin' unbelievable boots! BY FAR, the most responsive and precise boots I have ever skiied. and by far the best, most anatomical fit I've ever had too.

But instead of going with the stock lace liners, I'm using custom foam (Conformables). Working out great for me and really pleased not to be dealing with the lace-ups. I guess if you are racing in them at a VERY high level, you might feel you'd be giving up a bit of snow feel. But if you're mostly free skiing and/or racing at beer league level, I wouldn't give it a moment's thought.

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