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Matthias Lanzinger

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Do you remember him and his fall last year?
Well, I was reading in the "Gazzetta dello Sport" (daily sport newspaper, known also as "La Rosa"because its paper is colored in pink, is the main Giro d'Italia sponsor and organizator, hence the "Maglia Rosa"...) this morning about Daniel Albrecht's fall on the Streif (Get well soon Daniel!) when a side picture and caption "cpatured" my eyes...
It was a picture of Matthias Lanzinger on skis.
He has been spotted skiing on the Streif doing a kind of "recon".
He had both legs, so I guess he is skiing with a prosthesis.

(BTW in other news I've read he's asked 200K € to FIS for the accident)
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150k eur to be exact, and most of guys at FIS with who I had chance to talk, agreed to his lawsuit. They said it's only way for things to change on better.
Otherwise he recovered really good. I'm talking about his state of mind, because nothing will recover his lost leg. I meet him on beginning of season in Soelden, and to be honest, I was really surprised. I can't imagine what I would do in his position, but he was really cool, not depressed at all. So it looks he got over pretty good, and he's living more or less normal life nowadays. And it's great to hear this.
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Nice to know. BTW the report about the lawsuit was just an aside. I wanted to focus on his determination to get back in the saddle.
Of course he'll be not able to race in the WC anymore but that's not the point either. The point is to refuse to bow to the destiny.
A lesson we (me first...)all should learn from.

I don't know if the image on the newspaper was pre- or post- accident but when they will go online with today's edition I'll try an see if I can link it. Because if it is post-...well, wow!
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He did ski down the Streif with prosthesis yesterday, so info is accurate.
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There should be more press on him.

The world needs more like him for inspiration.
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just to re-iterate, he's the WC racer that crashed and was delayed in getting to hospital due to lack of a chopper on scene. new policy supported by some would require that the race host provide medical emergency air lift services at every WC event.
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