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Opinion on the 07/08 Head ixrc 1200?

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I'm thinking about picking up the 2007-2008 ixrc 1200 for groomer ripping... Thoughts?

In case of confusion, these are the skis: http://www.nevasport.com/fotos/171207/168559.jpg
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I believe these are a more forgiving version of the previous year's 1200; roughly equivalent to the 06-07 1100, I think. You should be able to find a review on Real Skiers and/or Google it. Suspect it would be a nice frontside for intermediate through low advanced, will be damp, strong, and smooth like all that series. If you are after serious speed and serious grip, the iSupershape Speed would be a better bet, but hard to find new for that season.
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Ahhhhh, I see... gotta love all the changes in model designation.
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XRC 1200 - the original XRC

About 5 years ago head introduced the XRC line. It was more or less a Skier Cross ski which was what everyone was doing at the time. That is when I became involved with Head and that is th eski I skied on. It had good edge hold, something like 14m turning radius and was a fun ski. Strong skiers liked it in the 170cm version.

The ski was a success so Head introduced the XRC 800 and rebranded the XRC as the XRC 1100. There were also lower end XRC as well. After that there was a sandwich version for skier cross competition labelled the XRC 1200 but that only lasted I think one year. The 800 was a fun ski in 163 cm but became noticably soft in the 170 cm size. The 1100 was a good ski for advanced skiers - especially on the groomed and icy trails.

The sandwich version was dropped and the XRC 1100 rebranded the XRC 1200 and changed to a very bright green with a scorpion on the tip. A very nice ski. This year the 800 was dropped and aside from the lower end XRC 600 and below the 1200 was rebranded the XRC 1100 but is unchanged - except now maroon and no more scorpion. I believe next year the XRC line will be dropped.

This is a very good all around ski for anyone who skis mostly groomed trails and likes a firm edge hold on a carving ski. You will not go wrong with this ski.


on hill Head demo rep
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Mike, thank you for the clarity - I'm 6'5" and about 215...

This ski will be used for high speed groomer runs - If I get it in 177 do you think I am going to overpower it?(this is the bright green one with the scorpion from 07/08)
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