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Offset Gates!

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Our beer league runs GS and SL races at a local hill with a very steep start section which then flattens out. As a result, the first 10 or so gates are really offsett and I end up late, trying to traverse across the hill just to make the gate, throwing the brakes on, sliding down the hill at the gate then traversing back across to make the next gate.

Getting destroyed! Can anyone offer me some suggestion on tactics in this situation?

Thanks guys.
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finish your turn above the gate so you can carve across the bottom to get to the next gate then stivot turn the top half and carve the bottom, repeat as necessary

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I wouldn't necessairly follow that picture as skiing world cup style may not be the best way for YOU to ski. I actually had a discussion with my coach (I'm a J1) and he said that the best way would be to learn to carve and stay on time, just because the WC guys slide slide slide and then romp on their edge at the last second to set the edge and get around the gate. One of the things I have learned to do as of recently that has REALLY helped my timing is to look at the next gate. Ie-you're turning around a red gate, don't look at the red that you're turning around, but look at the NEXT red down the hill, or if you're entering a flush, look at the exit gate. This way you are looking to the exit which can help you get set for it versus getting set for the entry and getting late. Also try not to let go of your edge too early (so you don't set a direction for yourself), but also not too long (which would make you late).
hope that helps
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Couple of useful comments, thanks. I think in the course I'll ski with the skills I have now, but I've been practicing a "skid - to- hookup" technique in case I can employ it. I appreciate your feedback guys.

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