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Tahoe conditions

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I'm heading out to Tahoe from Maine on 1/31 for a week of skiing and hope to warm up. I know that the area has had a bad dry spell this month but see some snow is on the way. Has the skiing been good, or is it just sierra cement??
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You are probably hitting it at the PERFECT time! We came in last Saturday and are leaving this Saturday. We had spring skiing for most of the week and have skied Heavenly and Homewood. Conditions were surprisingly good with hardly any ice. Bluebird skies everyday except today. Typical spring conditions although some of Heavenly's trails were turning brown a bit.

That being said most areas above 8000' or so received 6-10" of snow today. It is supposed to snow again tomorrow and then on and off over the weekend. We are going to Squaw tomorrow and are hoping for a (mini) poweder day!

You will have a blast....no Sierra Cement that I can find!!
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