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Ski Club Thoughts

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I've been asked to make a ski club at my college.

What are some things I should think of for a ski club.
I can run the truck club just fine, I imagine they would be similar but something in my mind says I should have a different approach towards this. Due to trying to get club rates and stuff.

Anything anyone here can think of so I can be best prepared for this before I hang up a flier?
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- Gear tune up party

- ski trips, mainly local and 1 long distance one if enough people are interested

- movie night mixer - show some boarding/skiing videos, have drinks and snacks, let people mix and mingle to find new buddies to ski with.


As for discounts, in Tahoe, all resorts have a group coordinator you can work with who will sell you discounted tickets if your group is big enough.  If you have a lot of people or are a smooth talker, try to see if you can get them to throw in some free swag, lift tickets or something else.


Good luck!

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Thank you so much for the idea's krazymad

Most of the guys at the college who ski all know eachother, so its just a fact of going around and collecting some signatures. I might work on that this week.

they are all boarders far as I know. I might be the only skier.
I'll try to work something out!

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