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Fischer Fire RX 9

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I am planning to buy Fischer Fire RX 9 (170 cm Sidecut: 110/69/96 R. 17) in black/yellow from a shop in Austria. (http://www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen-u...abcjgC01247588).

However, I am slightly confused about how old this model is and how it relates/compares to Fischer RX9 FTI (http://www.snowrental.net/skiing/ski...r-rx9-fti.html).

Is it the same ski with a different design (e.g. an European version of the ski) or an older model?

So far I haven't maneged to find any official information on the black/yellow model. Anyone able to help? Thanks.
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Welcome to EpicSki Puma-Skier!

I'm not terribly familiar with the Fischer line but I'm sure you will get some sound, or not so sound, advice very soon!
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Welcome to Epic!

I think they are the same ski, just different graphics. Very good ski overall. I really liked it when I demoed it a couple of years ago, but ended up getting the RX8.

We can't even get a new RX9 here in the states. I didn't know they were still making it.

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They still sell the RX8 in the US as the RX8 Fire, but dropped the RX9. I would guess the RX9 Fire is the current version of the RX9 FTI. I have no idea if they made any changes to the ski. In any case its the new model, not an old one. I also have the RX8 FTI and considered the RX9 also. Love my RX8s.
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A quick question, related to the RX line: I noticed that the RX6 is no longer listed on their website, is there a new equivalent/similar ski among their current line?
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Thanks to all for their replies and welcomes; this is a great forum with a lot of good and relevant information.
I have now bought the pair of Fire RX9's and tried them out for a couple of hours on Saturday. I was really impressed with how they coped with hard and icy snow and the acceleration they give you out of turns is immense! Actually, it was quite scary for a few moments until I got used to it..
Obviously, they were not as 'sticky' later in the day on the beaten surface, but overall, a very positive experience. Just one more comment: You can tell these skis need more of an input from your body and legs than a regular pair of ,cruisy' skis, but that's what I expected and got ready for - I want to improve my game and understand I need to put some effort into it.
I am going for a long weekend to the Austrian Alps later this week and will report on how they performed over the course of intensive 4-day skiing. Cheers!
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