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Are these boots any good (assuming they fit)?

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(Apologies if you've viewed this already under a different title, I'm a newbie and I haven't figured out how to edit my own threads yet)

Has anyone skied in Dolomite Pro Zs for any length of time?

I just bought a pair of Pro Z 130s (25.5) based on a great shell fit, unbelievable price (superseded model? hard to know down here in Australia) and some advice from a trusted bootfitter. I know little else about them, and there's very little recent info on them here or anywhere else online, although I discovered their very Italian site, highlighting these great-looking boots: http://www.dolomite.it/site/skiboots...&itemIndex=3.1

My current boots are Lange WC 130s, several years old in a 25, which has always felt fractionally too small for my size 9 street feet, even after some punching and grinding. The Langes have served me well, but I pay for skiing in them all day, day after day, as I plan to do thru February in my three weeks in Utah and Aspen.

What are the liners like in the Dolomites? I put Intuition Luxury Liners in the Langes at the end of last year for some added warmth and comfort (and even less room!). Should I put them in the Dolomites now, or wait and see? The cuffs on the Dolomites were the best fit I've ever had around my calves and lower leg.

Any experiences gratefully received. More than anything, I'm probably just looking for some post-purchase validation :-), and somewhere to go online to read more about my beautiful new red boots in the week and a half between now and when I get to ski in them.

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Welcome to EpicSki, Anthony!
If they fit, they are good. If they don't fit well, then they aren't good.
It's really hard to say much else. In my opinion, fit is king. After that, can you flex them?
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Thanks for the welcome. I've loved following the threads, and have found many of yours particularly amusing and enlightening.

As for the boots... The fit is great. Snug but not uncomfortable. And I can flex them well in the house. They are discernibly softer than my Langes, which is fine by me and fit for purpose.

I just wondered if anybody had any experience with the build quality, especially:

- the performance/resilience/warmth of the liner (should I leave them in or replace with my Intuition from the get go?), and

- the qualities of the polyether in the cold (do they retain their relative suppleness?).

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I've been skiing in the Pro-Z 110's for a couple seasons now. I've skied everything from groomers to bumps to powder to ice, etc. in them, so I think they work well as an all-mountain boot.

I tend to run fairly warm, so I've never really noticed a problem of having cold feet. I do tend to unbuckle for the lift rides up on the colder days though.

The liners are still in great shape after well over 100 days in them.

Regarding the flex... When they're cold, they're almost unbendable, although I can flex them when they're at room temperature. I like my boots to be stiff though -- that way if I get too far forward or back, I have something to leverage against to return to a centered position.
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Thanks for the responding Kevin. That's all very encouraging. I can't wait to fly North next week and spend some time in them.

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I'm a bit heavier than KevinF and I can flex them at most temps down to -11C.

I can flex them a little bit too much, in fact, the overlap of the lower shell slips downwards over the water dam unless the toemost buckle is buckled tight.

They're ok otherwise. I've mangled most of the buckles skiing in rock gardens, but they straighten back out nicely.
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