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Need ideas to help young (3-4) get started

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I have 3.5 year old (female/male) twins that I am getting started skiing this year. What is most important to me is that they have fun. Proper technique and skills is secondary to a positive experience. I am looking for fun exercises that will introduce proper technique and skills.

I am concerned about my daughters left leg control. She has some slight functional control problems. Her left foot tends to twist inward. It may be related to her premature birth. I am not worried about it. She will overcome it with time. But it may make it more difficult for her to control her skis.

They will be skiing on Salomon Skiblades. I would not have even considered getting them started this year with conventional skis and bindings. I just happened to stumbled across 2 pairs of these Skiblades at a clearance sale. They have already been wearing the skis and boots and moving around the house. I have been very pleased so far at how well both of them can move around on the Skiblades.
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Here's a resource for you: http://www.kidology.com is a web site sponsored by expert children's instructors.
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It is all about PLAYING in the SNOW!

At 3.5, 35 and 53, it all remains the same.

Have the equpment checked out by a good Tech. at a ski shop.

That is your first big challenge. We would not want to hurt some one with stuff that is RUSTY, NOT SET PROPERLY and / or SERIOUSLY OUT OF WACK!

Clothing is the other issue. They must be comfortable. Again no matter what the age a comfort zone must be established.

That Comfort Zone is also suppied by YOU and or a Class Instructor.

At the under 5 age it is more baby sitting in the ski school than anything else. However THEY can supply an atmosphere that YOU can not.

Children seem to be intrested in NEW stuff. It is cool how GOD gave us this curious nature. SO a ski school that allows them to experiment. They should not get into technique. This will come as the experience grows. At this age if they want to go back again you have accompished your goal!

Several ski schools have kids camps with REAL Forts or other TOYS on the hill. This keeps it interesting for those young minds.

Also, just as you would with your day care. Sit and talk with those who will have your twins for a bit too see if they are OK. Not real GOAL driven or agresive and Tense.

However IF you are going to stay with them instead of the school. Keep it light and fun. Have games to play, mostly step games and some follow the leader stuff. At that age working off the GROUND is not a bad idea, so they see it is OK to get in the snow and roll around. Bring snacks and TAKE BREAKS! (eating is GOOD)

Sometimes it is a chore getting all the stuff ON then coming in and getting all the stuff off. But remember, they are tough little ones but they need REST, Liquids and Warmth. OH did I say ACTIVITY!

You already knew that.

FUN, just have FUN and MAKE it FUN.

The goal as I said is to have THEM want YOU to TAKE them BACK AGAIN FOR THE FUN OF IT!

nolobolono, has a good suggestion there with the link, check it out!

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DD- I think snowblades run about 90cm not to have you spend more money but they make some nice kids skis in 70cm that maybe easier, but if they are getting along well with the blades you maybe ok. Also check out www.applerise.com for tools to help. If you know some older kids that ski (cousins/friends) bring them along. Kids learn alot from imitation and they can help out alot.
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Do skiblades release? If not I'd think again. Whatever you do don't force them to ski-they'll hate it if you do. See if your area has a skiwee program or something like it. Its like daycare-they ski for a while-go inside and play-ski some more-play some more, etc. Also, it depends on the kid, but lots of kids don't have the leg strength until they're 5 or so. I used tip holders on my daughter's skis til she was 5 or so.
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Unless the blades have had release bindings on them DO NOT have your children ski on them. Solomon gives five feet tall as a minimum to use the standard blades. This is because the relationship of the length of leg to the length of the blade. On little people the lever arm of the blade is enough to cause serious damage. Some even maintain that ski boards are responsible for femur fractures in adults because they don't release. Starting children at this age is fine but please put them on child specific equipment.


PS I don't know about others but I would refuse to teach children that small on that equipment.
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I agree about using snowblades.. they do not have bindings ythat realease and could easily result in a broken bone.
Here are a few tips:
-remember that they don't know left from right! Use a diff colour ribbon or sticker on each glove to help this.
-help them turn by feeling (turn their ski for them)
-They learn best one-on-one and have short attention spans. they have a strong imagination.
-they tire very easily
-give one simple direction at a time
-no competition!
-their heads are heavy and centre of mass is high, so they fall easily. Their small muscles tire easily!
-they like to copy you and learn by watching and doing.
-most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

Good Luck!
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Still no pics of YOU on your website!

WASUP with that?
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sorry... I still need to find a scanner (soon enough!) [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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