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Rossi/Lange family of boots

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Hey all,

I tried on my brother's Rossi Zenith Pros from last year in an 8.5. I like them a lot, so I ordered some Rossi B-Squad Composites. They feel pretty good (haven't skied them yet) except that I don't feel like my heel is clamped down as securely as I'd like. I'm now generally curious about the differences in this family of boots, since there are a few other options (all last year's) for me out there.

My question is what are the differences between the Rossi Zenith Pros, Rossi B-Squad composites, Lange WC 120/130, and Lange Freeride boots? Do the Langes have tighter heels? Liners pack out differently?

Thanks for your help getting me dialed in.
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A follow-up question: How does the length of a Lange/Rossi compare to a Tecnica? My last boots were Tecnica Diablo Magnesiums in a 25.5. They were definitely too short (bashed my toes up quite a bit). The Rossis feel good in a 8.5, but maybe a smaller size would help cement that heel in its proper place. I'm wondering how the 7.5 compares to the 25.5 of the Tecnica in length. If it's the same or smaller, I can be sure it wouldn't work.
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Zenith Pro and B Squad Composite are the same shell shape and dimensions. The liners have some subtle differences.

The heel/ankle padding material used in the B Squad is made out of a molded EVA foam insert that is pretty dense. The initial feel is not confidence inspiring, however once it starts to adapt to your foot, it will give you a better feeling of heel hold down and grip.

Heat setting the liner may help to get it to change quicker, but it will get there eventually without heating it up.

A size 8 Lange/Rossi in that shell shape is a 308mm BSL with a generous length toe box. A size 25.5 Tecnica is a 294mm BSL with a stubby toe box length. Taking an educated guess, the size 8 Lange/Rossi shell is 2 sizes too big for you. The 7 shell is 300mm BSL with a long toe box, probably still too big if you are well fitted in the Tecnica 25.5. So the Lange/Rossi 6 is a 292mm BSL with a long toe box. With a good bootfitter this will be your size, if you are doing the "do it yourself" routine go with the 7 shell.

Best advice is to find a realiable bootfitter in a shop with lots of boots to choose from, this will save you time and money in the end.

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Well, I'm probably going to stick with the do it myself routine. I'm not well fitted in the Tecnica since they were too short. (bruised and later frostbitten toe) I've found some Freeride 130s that are a good deal. How does the fit differ from the Rossi boots?
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lange FR = 98mm not sure what boot that is in rossis lineup, but they make one that is the same.
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All the Lange/Rossi boots mentioned are the same Modified RL11 shell (8mm toe box extension and new vibram raiser on the Banshee). There are however modifications to the cuff, which i find negligable in real terms.
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Thanks SZK. That's what I was looking to know. I have some Freeride 130s coming in a 7.5 and 8.5. I'll post up what I think and which of the 3 pairs of boots I'm going to keep (2 pairs of freerides 1 of squads). I'll be interested to see how the liners differ, along with the size comparison.
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IMO, the Squad liner is far better than any of the Lange liners. They have improved alot this year all said and done.
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Well, I'm looking at 2008 boots. There's no way I can afford retail.
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Originally Posted by SMALLZOOKEEPER View Post
IMO, the Squad liner is far better than any of the Lange liners. They have improved alot this year all said and done.

Thanks for the info...is that true of 2008 boots from the 2 companies?  What's the difference between the liners?  Thanks again.

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Okay, so being neurotic, I ended up ordering the Rossi in a 7.5 (in addition to the 8.5) and the Langes in both sizes.  I'm glad I did. (I have a fedex discount through work.)


At this point, I'm leaning towards the Rossi in a 7.5.  It really locks down my heel, which is great, but it does it less painfully than the Lange in the same size.  With the Lange I feel the plastic bearing down a few places around the heel, keeping it in place.  It's not too painful, but it's nice not to have that feeling with these.


The issue I have with the 7.5s is that even with the buckles loose, the boots feel uncomfortably tight--I feel a throbbing sometimes (like you feel when a bp cuff is on, but not at its tightest).  This happens in the left (larger foot) and the right.


I have a couple other issues on the left: I feel my big toe ramming into the front of the boot.  Weirdly, that didn't happen with the Lange.  I thought that maybe the Lange liner has more stretchy material around the toe, but I notice that I feel it in the Rossis if I kick something while in the boot.  This was a worse issue with my last boots (the Tecnicas).  In fact, with the Tecnicas, before getting that fixed, my toe became tender enough that skiing crud or bumps was painful.  My sixth toe is also feeling cramped.


Both of these issues can be solved with grinds or punches, I realize.  What about the throbbing?  Is this boot just too small?  Can I expect it to pack out and alleviate the issue?  I also notice it with the Langes in a 7.5 with buckles loose.  I got frostbite on the end of my left big toe in December, so I'd like to keep the circulation going so I don't repeat that.


I should note that I'm using custom footbeds, (Amfit, based on weighted foot shape).

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I thought I'd provide some more information for anyone that does a search in the future.  I've skied the Rossi in a 7.5 for a 3 days now.  They've worked out great.  The Rossi liner did (in my 7.5s) mold to my foot a little over a few days of skiing for a very secure fit, but without throbbing tightness.  I've had intermittent issues with the sixth toes on both sides, but those have largely subsided.  The liner has stretched to accommodate my longer left big toe and there is enough space in the boot.  That foot measures 26.8cm.  My protruding naviculars hurt when I put on the boots and take them off, but only bug me sporadically during the day.  It may be worth getting a grind/punch but it's not pressing.


The Lange has a lower cuff (in the front) with elastic powerstrap and softer tongue (the Rossi liner has a rigid ribbed tongue) so forward flex is easier and probably more progressive. I've had a little shin soreness with the Rossi that I might not have had with the Lange but nothing that really bothers me the next day or during skiing.


It's hard to tell with only 3 days and only trying on the Langes, but the Lange liner feels a little more compressible than the Rossi liner, which feels very dense. I felt a few pressure points around the heel from the shell through the Lange liner that I didn't with the Rossi liner.  I would guess that the Rossi liner would pack less over time because it's denser.  The Rossis feel heavier.


For me, the choice for me came down to the two main differences, the liner and the cuff.  I liked the Rossi liner better, no doubt.  I wasn't sure about the cuff and still can't be certain which I would like better without having skied the Lange.  I think the Rossi would probably benefit from a powerstrap (Lange already comes with an elastic strap).  Even so, it'll always be a harder tongue.


If anyone wants a good deal (210 +shipping) on the Rossis in an 8.5 or the Langes in a 7.5 or 8.5...let me know before I send them back.

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