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Sitzmark, I am at the opposite end of that spectrum. If I wedge, side slip, stop, or heavens forbid, wipe out, it does not count as having skied it. If I venture on to a black diamond by accident, it also doesn't count!
The expression that sickens me : Someone saying that they "DO" black diamonds! :
As far as who is taking lessons, it amazes me that once you get to level 4, you are either in a private or semi private lesson.
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Hey LM,

You sound like a good student, but maybe a bit
tough on yourself. Side-slipping or using a
wedge certainly doesn't fall into the category
of "not skiing" a hill. Sometimes you want to
do (and should) those things. I consider skiing
a slope to be when you are in control and making the appropriate kinds of turns when and where you
want to be making them. Meerly balancing on a
run away ski for the entire length of the hill
without falling down is not only "not skiing" --
it's wreckless and stupid!
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I've taken lots and lots of 2 hour privates over the years with PSIA examiners and demo team members and by far the most efficacious and the best value is buying Harb's "Anyone can be an expert skier" books(2) and videos(2)(for roughly the price of a single private lesson), trying out the ideas on the slopes, then enrolling in his camps.

They always give lots of individual feedback (a private lesson within a group lesson) after each stretch of terrain.
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HH stuff may work OK for some - but I had a few discussions with them by email & it was totally useless to me. They just couldn't think outside the box I didn't fit into
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Yeah, unco-ordinated people can develop into better skiiers. It just might take a bit longer.
I had a bloke in one of my weekly groups back in july. Hopeless! Gangly, all over the place. The others in the group steadily improved all week, and he did a bit, but not nearly as fast as the rest of them (adults aged 30 up to 50). I thought "oh well". Then this week just gone, he was back again for a 2nd week, he didn't get lessons this time, but his skiing was way better, he looked OK, I didn't see him falling over, and he was definitley having fun skiing with his kids. he knew he'd improved, too.
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I question the validity of RichK.
Check out their details: No information.
And what do they do? Make one short post, with very little content. Sounds like a troll to me.

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Fox, suspected trolls are given alot of slack in this section unless it's something outrageous. Give him a chance.
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Fox - I'd reached similar conclusions - but still feel the same about the HH stuff - they insist that YOU fit into THEIR boxes....
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Huh, I don't do that! Although if they offer me beer, I might.
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The best instructors will always look you in the eye, offer a firm handshake and a big smile and say "GIDAY". After a few runs you will be refered to as "MATE" and when the on hill lesson is over offer suggestions for the best place for a few quiet ales.

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