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Has anyone skied in these for any length of time?

I just bought a pair of Pro Zs (25.5) based on a great shell fit, unbelievable price and some advice from a trusted bootfitter. I know little else about them (and there's very little info online - do they even have a website?).

My current boots are Lange WC 130s, several years old in a 25, which has always felt fractionally too small for my size 9 street feet, even after some punching and grinding. The Langes have served me well, but I pay for skiing in them all day, day after day as I plan to do thru Feb in my three weeks in Utah and Aspen.

What are the liners like in the Dolomites? I put Intuition Luxury Liners in the Langes at the end of last year for some added warmth and comfort (and even less room!). Should I put them in the Dolomites now, or wait and see? The cuffs on the Dolomites were the best fit I've ever had around my calves and lower leg.

Any experiences gratefully received. More than anything, I'm probably just looking for some post-purchase validation :-), and somewhere to go online to read more about my beautiful new red boots in the week and a half between now and when I get to ski in them