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What brush?

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Since it's been plenty cold in the northeast I have been using a cold wax. I am scraping with a sharp scraper, but I just have one nylon brush to brush with and it is not getting all the wax out. I can tell because I see a gray color and I can keep brushing and wax keeps coming off. I'm just getting tired of endless brushing. The nylon brush I have is not fine and I wonder if I need to get a more fine nylon brush? Or maybe a horsehair or horsehair combo? These are not race skis, except for Nastar. It's just that I like to do it right.

Looking for suggestions.

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I'd suggest a soft brass brush.

The choice of World Cup technicians, the large Soft Brass Oval includes hand strap and has a row of soft nylon bristles around the edges to sweep away wax debris. Soft Brass is used as the first brush after scraping (Soft Nylon or Soft Horsehair should follow for final finishing or polishing of bases).
I typically use the brass, then hard horsehair and polish with soft nylon.
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