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Need some advice on a new set of skis

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First a little about me:
Age: 23
Height: 5'11
Weight: 175-180#
Ability: 5-6?
Where I ski: Mostly PA and the surrounding areas, with a few trips to killington and jay peak planned, and usually one west coast trip during my spring breaks

I'm looking for another set of skis. I currently have a set of 177 Volkl Bridges with Marker Jester bindings that I got for a ridiculous deal last season that I'm not getting rid of because they are alot of fun when I get the chance to ski in powder. I have pretty good control in powder and the early hours when conditions are usually better skiing on all greens and blues, and most diamonds. However, after say 4PM when the trails start to harden up or whenever its icy, I start losing control and my form gets very sloppy. Essentially during these times, my skis feel too long for me.

I'm looking for some reccommendations (ski and size) of some skis that will give me better control so I can quickly increase my skill levels and get back to the point where I feel confident skiing in any condition on any terrain.

Another thing to keep in mind, although I'm younger, I don't spend much, if any, time in the terrain parks. I'd much rather explore the mountain, find interesting runs, treeski, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this, and if you need any other information, let me know.
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Look for a 170cm ski.

I'd recommend the Volkl AC30 or one of the better skis in it's category.
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I agree with Max's suggestions, although I'd add that the issue is probably a combination of technique and the Bridge as a ski that has a soft snow bias. Truly icy conditions would case most skiers to have to be on their game while riding a ski like the Bridge.

So, I agree, don't ditch the Bridge (you're starting a quiver now)! Save it for softer snow days. A Volkl AC 30 has really good edge grip, and while it's not the most forgiving ski for someone in a level 5 or 6 range, it's certainly a ski to grow into. There are lots of other skis in the same dimensional range, so you're bound to get lots of suggestions. Any chance to demo?
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Thanks for the quick replies Max and Alberto. The AC30 was a definately a ski I was considering, but I wanted to hear some other peoples opinions.

As to whether or not I can demo, I actually just moved (for school, more like relocated for the majority of the year) from the western part of PA to the eastern part of the state for school. I do not really know the ski areas around here, but I would assume I can demo somewhere. I think I'm heading to Camelback this weekend so I'm going to see if I can demo up there. If anyone knows of a place I can demo there, let me know.
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I am about your height/weight, though twice your age - - and probably a level 7-8 skier.

But I do have AC30's and love them - - fast, grippy and excellent carvers. But do take lessons, and make sure you have properly fitting boots!!
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sounds good...seems like alot of people like the AC30s...hopefully i can demo a pair this weekend...its still a little bitch sketchy as to which place we're going
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besides the AC30s are the any other ski recommendations?
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I was recently looking in the same category. I'm approximately a level 7 and narrowed my selection down to the AC30 and the Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous. I ended up getting the Nordica, seemed a bit wider under foot and the shop was offereing it for $50 less which I funnelled into my boots. I'm extremely pleased with the Nordicas.
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i'll have to check out the nordicas and see what i think
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I am your same height and ski in the same conditions. See my other posts. I own both 170cm and 155cm. I only use my 170's when I go out west. The 155cm give me more control on the hard packed Midwest runs. Try renting a pair, you will instantly be a better skier.
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I'm 5'9" and 185 lbs - I ski the AC30's in a 170 length.  Great ride.  I agree with all of the previous comments.  Unlike some of the previous reviews, I find the AC30 pretty easy to ski.    Well mannered ski that is pretty easy to ski.  However the ski really shines when you are ripping down the groomers.  The harder I push these skis, the better they respond.  Edge grip is great - get the ski on edge and it will carve up anything you can dish out.  Good high speed stability and very little chatter.


Take these bad boys down a back diamond when it is and ice field, and you will know what carving is all about.  I love my AC30's

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Not going to suggest and AC30 here.  Nothing wrong with the ski at all.  In fact, it's a decent ski but there are many other options


Dynastar 4x4

Elan Speedwave (the 12 may be level appropriate)

Head Xenon Xi 8.0

Stockli Stormrider Xl


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