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Ski and binding suggestions for a returning ski bum

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Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this.

I'm 27, 6'3", ~270 pounds (should be down to ~230 next season), and like long walks on the beach. I just bought a pair of Atomic M90 boots in 28.5.

I used to live in Colorado, about 40 miles north of Aspen, and skied 3-5 days a week. After a long hiatus I'm back and trying to get out a few times a month. I would say I am a very strong intermediate-expert skier; I don't have a problem handling anything on the mountain, it's just convincing myself that I can actually do it. Once I get moving I'm fine. I am now on the east coast and normally skiing in the Poconos in PA (Jack Frost, Camel back, Blue Mountain, etc.) and the surrounding area (Hunter, Mountain Creek, etc.) with a couple of trips a year planned for Vermont (Mt. Snow, Okemo, Killington).

I'd like something that will get me all over the mountain but I'll most likely be stuck on groomed trails 90% of the time. I vary between cruising and hitting the mountain hard, I don't mind taking it easy with my friends who are still learning to ski but I also enjoy keeping pace with some of my speed demon buddies. I do not like ice at all and normally don't even go out if I know it is icy but I need a ski that handles the ice well as I am on the east coast. I haven't played with moguls at all so that's not really a consideration yet.

After reading a lot I'm most interested in the Head IM77 in either 177 or 181, due to my height, weight, and some aggressive tendencies. I'm rather lost when it comes to bindings but I've seen the Tyrolia HD 14 Railflex 1/2 and Head RFD 12/14 recommended. However, I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Any opinions would be much appreciated. Unfortunately there aren't many demo days around here and the one I drove up to Vermont for was canceled. I really just want a setup that I'll be able to improve my skiing on and that will save me from having to rent every time. I'd like to get something fairly inexpensive to start off with if at all possible.

Thanks again!
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I wouldn't get hung up on the binding selection. If you buy a ski with an integrated binding system, you have no choice anyway. Only thing to watch is to be sure the DIN setting isn't at the top of the binding range. Might be an issue with your weight for some of the lower end bindings.

Many skis would fit your requirements. For the east, hard snow grip is more important than powder performance. You might consider a demo package through one of the mountain ski shops. I know Killington will let you try 3 different pairs during the day for a relatively reasonable price.

Welcome back to skiing!
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