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Big Thanks to Dr. D

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Just thought I'd offer a shout out to Dr. D for helping me with an order today. I had been obsessing over buying some additional tuning supplies and have looked at every online vendor available in this country.

When I called I got an answering machine so I wasn't sure what to expect. Dr. D called back within about 2 minutes. He patiently spent as much time as I needed helping me sort through the options that were available for a number of items that I needed. One thing that I really appreciate is the fact that not only did he not try to upsell me but based on my non-racer status he made sure I wasn't buying items that weren't really necessary.

What really cinched the deal for me was the 10% Epicski sponsor discount (which I just signed on for today) and free shipping for my order. The result was that my order was about 20% less than the next closest competitor. YMMV. I'm leaving for a trip to Colorado in about a week and the fast USPS priority shipping was a real bonus.

While I wish he had a bit better selection what he had was in stock. At one of the other online vendors I was considering several of the items I needed were not in stock.

I realize this may sound like an advertisement but I am not affiliated with racewax.com in any way. I live on the other side of the country.
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I had forgotten to get the 10% discount on my order on checkout, and Dr. D applied it awhile later, no problem. That translated into significant savings for me considering what a donkey the Canadian dollar is right now.
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Dr. D helped me out too big time, after I use his stuff just a little bit more i'm going to write up a review
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