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Conditions in Vail

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Can anyone give a status report of what the last couple days have been like. We are heading out there for a long weekend this weekend and I'm worried that the warm temperatures and clear skies have turned it into spring conditions in January (not that there is anything we can do about it other than change which skis we bring out). Posts on another thread said the back bowls were getting baked and you needed to know where to go to get the good snow. That was about 4 days ago and I would think it has only gotten worse since then.

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I would definetly call it spring conditions. Warm as hell with everything icy in the morning and softening up in the afternoon. Blue sky basin still had pretty decent snow and I didn't make it back there but the mongolian bowl is supposed to still have good snow too. At least thats what a girl i went to vail with over this past weekend said.
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Temps have been reaching into the upper 30 the past couple of days here, with the longest stretch of sunny days we've seen yet this season.

Everything which has a true Northerly (Front side, Blue Sky)exposure is still skiing quite cold and dry, with pockets of deep untracked snow still to be found.

Everything facing SE or South (Sun Up, Sun Down, Siberia, China, Inner/Outer Mongolia, Teacup) has been baked and is skiing well in the afternoons.

All of the popular ares have been pretty well ski packed, so expect some firmness on those.

Rumor control has it that we may be expecting some new snow over the next few days. If it happens, GREAT! If it doesn't, the mtn is skiing very well right now... (better than most of the skiers using it! lol)
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Thanks for the updates
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Saturday was Spring need to ski the bowls in the a.m. They were crusty/cruddy and very difficult to ski. Warm up on some groomers/bumps or find some trees until the sun/skiers soften things up again. Hopefully they will have some new snow by Friday.
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I'm there Tuesday- Sunday Come On Snow!
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I'm heading to Vail this weekend too... I'm praying for powder, but I don't think the prayers will be answered.

What places are good to demo skis? I see that Christy's demos a bunch I'm looking at... but any other good shops?

Thank you!
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I got a very positive call from my uncle who is in Vail right now. And check the web cams currently. Looking good.
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Today? Conditions are $$$

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Rumor control was right, started snowing Friday and was still going as we left Sunday afternoon, fantastic conditions.
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Sunday was tremendous with new snow. More expected this week. 10 inches last night!
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sound like this last week really improved things alot.


Any snow prospects for next week?  The forecast aren't shoing much but you never know I guess.

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skied vail on wednesday and friday last week.  Wednesday was very warm with spring snow nearly everywhere except north facing stuff.  Bumps everywhere.  Friday was then around freezing.  Back bowls were mostly unskiable.  The only places with good snow were north facing slopes and trees like north rim and steep and deep in blue sky.  Still soft and dry there.  Groomers were also pretty good.


rough going until there is some significant snow or sun

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