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Thats a helluva deal. 

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Can anyone tell me if they have used Thrifty in Denver?  I have a standard SUV, with discount and tax is $338 for 4 days.  Pretty good deal.


But, I called Thrifty, can't talk to the local office, and they won't tell me or guarantee if it is 4WD/AWD.  They basically refused to give that info out and said I can't call the local office.


What a joke.


Rather pay the $50-60 more with another company for the 4 days if someone is guaranteeing 4WD/AWD like Dollar will.


Also, anybody have a local number for the Thrifty/Dollar rental..or any of them for that matter.  Seemingly impossible to find.



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I don't think it will matter if you're driving on a RWD or AWD if you are going to drive on pavement anyway. Of course if the snow gets too much or theres some ice buildup, then maybe, but very unlikely that you will need a 4WD. Maybe what will matter more is the type of tires you are using?

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Sorry to jump on this thread. 

Where is the best place to rent out of Salt Lake City?  We are also looking for a 4WD SUV, mid size or better.  Making the drive to Jackson Hole and back first week in Feb. so figure we may need a SUV.
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If you are flying into SLC, the best rental is typically thru one of the on-line shops ... Travelocity, Expedia, etc.  Too, Fox rental typically has good rates but these are not at the airport - you have to shuttle over to these.  We've used Fox a couple of times and our routine is have someone work on getting the bags and gear out to the curb while someone gets the car ... each takes about the same time. 

Too, I never pre-pay for a tank of gas.  You can fill up just off the interstate on Redwood Rd, which less than 5 miles from the airport.

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I agree that using the big travel sites (travelocity, etc.) is the best way to monitor rental car rates.  And check periodically - they change frequently and are sometimes different on the various sites.  Also remember you can book and cancel later with no penalty.  So if you see a decent rate, grab it.  You can always jump on a better one later.
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