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Rocker boards?

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Hi folks, my first post on this forum.

I just read an article about rocker boards, also known as reverse camber boards. They're supposed to be excellent in powder and very loose and free turning.

Does anyone have any time on one of these boards? If so, feel free to comment. If what i've read is true, then it appears that there is a revolution going on right now with snowboards.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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Unfortunately, I don't have any time on them.

There are several different types of rocker boards and most manufacturers came out with rocker model this year. Most are meant for the park. However, there are two that I know of that are definitely made for powder. These are the Lib-Tech Banana Hammock and Burton has one whose name eludes me at this moment.

BTW, nice handle.
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Thanks daysailor 1.....Since my post I have come across

There is a page that talks about rocker boards. Some models excel in powder.

The Burton model is the Hero. I recently spoke to Burton rider services and was told that Burton will have several rocker models for 09/10 season.

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All of the Rocker boards ride pretty good in powder. Some are better than others. Like the K2 Gyrator, probably the best powder rocker out there. You ride it center stance, and you do have to keep your weight centered or you can easily get dumped. Overall a fun, loosey, goosey ride.

The Burton Hero was a fun board though it's fairly light and gets to chattering at higher speeds fairly easily. I am also not a fan of the ICS system. Too many weak points and I have already seen plenty of complaints about the bindings starting to shift after about 20 days on it. No matter how hard it's cranked down, it still moves around.

The Neversummer SL-R was a very fun board. With their Recurve tech the board is very stable at speeds and has all the fun of a rocker board. I found it a lot more lively than the Legacy-R which is the wide model of the SL.

The K2 Turbo Dream was a blast. Fun and playful, good at speeds. Same thing for the Capita Horrorscope. Those two boards were probably the most fun rockers I demo'd.

I took out a couple of Lib Tech's, the Lando and Rice, they were decent. Magne works to a degree, I don't find it revolutionary. The Banana rocker is a bit different then others, flat between the bindings.

If you are thinking that you will be charging big lines with fall and you'll get jacked up consequences, I would look at the Neversummer or Lib Tech models (except the banana that things a noodle). For park riding with good freeride capabilities, I like the Capita and K2 models. None of the rocker boards are going to be very great for Pipe riding.
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Hey killclimbz, thanks alot for the info. Sounds like you have lots of rocker experience. I'm looking for powder performance and loose turning feel with no-hangups during surfing style turns, such as an off-the-lip style top turn on a wall. No pipe ability needed as I'm 55 yrs old and probably wouldn't get along with the hard surface in the pipe.

Also thanks for your thoughts on Burton's ICS system. I was wondering how that was going to work out.

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RickyBobby, I've ridden a skate banana the last two years and I love them. Take it from someone who rides every day. Lib Techs will make you a better rider while making it easier and more fun. They slay it in powder and they slay it on hard pack and everything inbetween. Nay-sayers just haven't spent enough time discovering all the advantages of the rocker board. It's profound. Trust Mervin. Get two, one longer than the other and that will be all you need. Have fun. 

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