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Should I buy: Elan Mag 8 for $399?

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Well I have been skiing on some insanely old 175cm Rossingol DV7L straight racing skies since I started skiing. The season is drawing down and I want to buy some new skies.

I am looking to spend at most around $400ish, and I have considered K2, but after looking around I found a local Elan dealer who said K2 is somewhat overrated and made in China and I should really consider Elan. Well he sells them so obviously he chants Elan all day.

He has some Elan Mag 8's for $399, 09 model. Elan Mag 78's for $599, 09 model as well.

I want a ski that is obviously newer but I do not want to deal with buying a new set of skies in 3 years if I grow out of these. I ski on mainly groomed hills here in Michigan.

I really need to see if any of these skies are a good bang for the buck, or if you guys can suggest any other skies that are great for intermediate skiers.

I don't want to purchase not enough ski and short myself. But I do not want to purchase some overpriced skies. I could probably save more if I wait till the season is really over with.

I asked him about the Mag 78's so he probably saw the chance to upsell me to a $599 purchase, so who knows if the 78's are really $300 better than the Mag 8's

To tell you more about my skiing, I have been out about a dozen times on my DV7L skies that are a decade+ old, which is mind you my entire history of skiing. And I just fly down the hill unless I start to try and turn. I like turning, but I turn like people with a parabolic ski, curves are much larger and not as many due to the fact these skies just like to go straight down the hill I guess.

Generally I would do anything to get out of the pair I am in now. I spent $100 for boots, bindings and poles earlier this year and got some Technica boats that fit me really well, DV7L and bindings, and some old K2 racing poles. I spent so little because I wanted to see if I liked skiing, plus I have some boots I can take with me now. I like skiing, and I want to get some nice sticks.
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Elan makes a great ski... you could certainly do worse.
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The Mag 8's are fine skis. But given that you've just started skiing and money seems to be a little tight, I think you would get more return on your investment with some good fitting boots and some lessons. Once you have a little more experience, you will have a better understanding and appreciation for what you want/need in a ski.
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I just have a budget I want to stay within.

I can spend $400 on these Mag 8's and feel comfortable. I would have reservations about purchasing a $599 set of skis without having more knowledge about the sport / purchase. It is not putting me in any sort of budget crunch.

My boots are very nice fitting although I will wait until I find a very good deal on boots since I can try them on at any time and see if I like them. So I will wait for the ski shops to really want to get rid of their current inventory of boots.

I plan on taking the Mag 8 out to demo this weekend. $40 to demo the skies though! If I buy anything from him though he will credit the $40 toward the purchase.

Can anyone else think of any skies they would buy for $400

Suggestions and feedback is welcome.

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A lot of good skis out there if you don't need new. I've bought 2 pair this year for $600 total. Watea 84s and Elan Speedwave 12's.
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I own Magfire 10's that I bought new, and I have had zero problems with them. That is saying something too because I go through alot of skis.
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Well new isn't a priority. I wouldn't mind buying a demo or used model. I do like the fact this guy will take care of everything I need though.

I am looking for someone to tell me that the Elan Mag 8 for $399 is a good buy at least. For instance I bought a watch and was able to talk them down to 263 out the door thinking I had a great deal. But I go online to find the same watch going for $175 through reputable looking websites. Is this a darn good price for some Mag 8's? Or just what I would find at most Elan dealers?

I am big in to computer hardware and I can tell you what is the best bang for the buck, but I understand that with skies we have a highly subjective topic here where one persons desire is another persons worst nightmare. So a consensus on the best ski for the right price is hard to come to, but I do love the input you gear heads can give me.

I think anything will be better then the junk skies I have now. I am tired of being told "Haven't seen a pair like them in probably 10 years, those things look almost as old as you are!"

I am mainly sold on the fact I need new skies because I was told my bindings are so old no shop would touch them for liability purposes. I also feel that the limiting factor in how I ski are the skies I currently use. 175cm Rossi's for a first timer....good skies but they ski me more than I ski them it might seem like.

I am finally ready to put up some money because I do enjoy the sport and want to make it a permanent winter hobby. So shelling out $300-500 for some skies is what I am looking to do.
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For an intermediate skier, those are great, but demo them and see what you think - that's the most important thing.

Keep in mind, it'd be very easy to spend over $200 on bindings alone...
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Really had a great time on the Elan Mag 8 ski today. Everything I was hoping for and then some.

I felt like I was on the Swiss ski team. Definitely...definitely love these skies.

Time to put my decade + old Rossingol 175cm straight skies on Craigslist....
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Make that skis. Here I am typing skies...like those are blue skies. Where is my english grammar?
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Sweet! Get them tuned by somebody good, and have fun shredding.
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excellent choice !!!
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When I got them he needed my boot to make some adjustments. Would that be the tuning needed? Or when I complete the sale tomorrow morning?

He did have some Elan 777 skis for $525 that were demo models.
But it was too much of a ski for a novice like myself.
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