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Ski Liberty?

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I'm tossing around the idea of going up to Ski Liberty this weekend to get in a day of skiing. I've got a friend who goes up every week for a lesson program and I thought I'd tag along even though there may be better places to go ski this time of year.
So my question is.. will it be worth the trip and the money? Any tips on trails to hit (although I guess I could probably ski all of them if I really wanted) or does anyone know of any discounts or deals I might be able to find?
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Not as big as Wintergreen and about 3 hrs further away from C, but quality time with a good friend is priceless.
There are some good instructors at Liberty. Some post here.
Back side of Liberty has the more advanced terrain, some short steep black pitches with bumps. It is also a little less busy back there then front side. This weekend will be busy if weather is decent.
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^^^ what he said.

It's a nice place. My girlfriend and I have the night skiing pass, and ski there about once per week, and we have a great time. I'd stay away from the frontside, since that main quad seems to take FOREVER, and you'll be able to get more skiing in on the back (plus, the side by side quads in the back really take good care of any liftlines).

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The snow around here is about as good as it gets (which isn't very good by the way) for southern PA. Liberty is great on a day when it's not crowded, I think it has the most interesting variety of terrain of the 3 main southern PA ski areas. With that said, the trails are fairly short and if you're a good skier you can blow down them pretty quickly and take a slow lift ride back up. On a day that it's crowded that can get old pretty quick. Whitetail has a bit more vert and a high speed quad. Little less interesting in my opinion though.
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Liberty is my 'home mountain', but I must admit it is kind of puny. Most of the runs from the top are advanced but the steep part is short with long runouts and slow lifts. It is difficult to ski much more than 3000 vertical/hour there.

Generally, I wouldn't suggest skiing Liberty if anything else is closer to you, but it's fun, it's skiing. The ski school does have some excellent instructors. Do you know who is teaching your friend's program?
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I'm not sure who teaches my friend's program, but he seems to be liking it so far.
And this may be a stupid question.. but is there anything in the way of tree skiing or do I need to pack it up and head somewhere completely different for that?
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No tree skiing at any of the three Southern PA resorts near Liberty. For tree skiing I'd head to WVA, Timberline and Snowshoe have been having good seasons I think. There's also some ok tree skiing at Blue Knob in PA, but their snow conditions are typically pretty sketchy and their lifts are about 15 minutes younger than God.
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hey, im taylor. im not a skiier, but i wouldnt really consider myself a boarder either. i just visited ski liberty for the first time this past weekend & well.. i was just wondering, are there any instructors in this forum from there? im looking for the name of my snowboard instructors and i know this is for skiiers, but i thought maybe someone could help me out. i had these two awesome snowboard instructors and i was hoping to find someone who knew their names so that i could reccomend them for my friend, who is traveling up there next weekend to seek private lessons. all i know are their first names: braden & thomas. they're both in high school.


any ski instructors out there from liberty know their last names?

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