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Grandoe 2 in 1 glove

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Bought these thur Sierra Trading Post about $63.00.

I have been a big fan of Grandoe Hurricanes for years, very warm glove.

The 2 in 1 glove have two chambers, one for grip one for warmth.

Last Friday at Okemo air temp was -12F I brought 2 pairs of Hurricanes in the back pack just in case.

I was amazed how warm the 2 in 1 glove was. Wore them all day, my hands were never anything close to cold or even cool.

Same thing Saturday, -4F and no sun, it felt colder, my hands were still warm.

Sunday was a bit warmer with fresh snow and still snowing. Still kept the hands in the warm chamber.

Monday the temp was in the low 20's started out with hands in the grip side for the first time. The gloves feel a little out of balance, heavy on the outside. That changed later in the day as the sun got lower and the air temp dropped. I just put my hands in the warm chamber.

It's nice to have a glove that would keep my hands warm and even warmer if the need arises.

The gloves only felt out of balance when you think about it. While skiing you don't notice anything. I think that as you wear the gloves and go about the normal routine, you won't notice the difference.
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I kind of forgot I had a pair of Grandoe and used them the other day in the cold and they were great. This weekend at 8AM -10 F and they were fine again. Good product!
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I currently use Grandoe's and had a few pairs in the past. They never disappoint. Personally I find them to be one of the better glove/mitten company that is out there.
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I have a pair of 20-year-old real leather (outer) Grandoe 2 in 1s that are still great. You can use them together, or just the liners if warm and not wet out, or just the leather shells. Highly recommended.
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