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I just ordered a new pair of skis and I should get them soon. Now I noticed that the bindings and plates are not what I thought.

I thought I bought:
FISCHER RX 8 Fire Railflex inkl. FSX 12 Railflex

But instead I'll get:

Fischer RX 8 Fire +FP 9 + FS 10

The skis are on their way to me. Now I know why the price wasn't so high.

I think can live with the binding (FS10) but I'm really afraid that I'll stand too low on the skis. Distance will be only 21mm (0.83in) with FP 9(plate) + FS 10(binding). With Railflex + FSX 12 it would be 35mm (1.38in).

I use to ski (with my Atomic SX11) deep carving turns in high speed (>50mph). I hoped that I could use my new RX8 for tight, fast and deep turns in little bit slower speed but is this possible when I'm standing so low?

Do you think this is a big problem?
I've never skied RX8 I have just read this forum.
I'm living in Sweden and RX8 is allmost unknown here.

What I can do to get higher?

Can I find some higher plates (cheap) which would fit the skis and bindings?