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Loveland Ridge or Montezuma Bowl

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Anyone skied the Ridge at Loveland or Montezuma Bowl at Abasin this year? What are the conditions like? Any recommendations for the best runs on the Ridge or Montezuma Bowl? Has anyone hiked up and skied the chutes above the top of chair 4 at Loveland?

I am skiing Loveland and Abasin in the middle of February and am looking forward to skiing some steeps.

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I have only skied Montezuma Bowl on 12/30, the day it opened for the season. Not everything was open. In general, there was not enough snow coverage, and most of us hit a lot of rocks. They really needed more snow, and I don't think we have really gotten that yet. I don't think they have had more than 12 inches of snow in those 3 weeks.

Pali lift in the front serves a lot of steeps, and they were in great shape that day. Again, need more snow!
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What chutes are you referring to?
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I was looking at the resort map. Not sure if the runs are chutes or not, I have never been up there. I am referring to the runs tickler, rock chutes, velvet hammer, field of dreams, super nova, north star, and marmot. They are above chair 4 and chair 8. Any idea how long the hike is? Do you access these runs from the top of chair 9 and hike/ ski over or from the top of chair 4 and hike up? Has anyone skied these runs? Has anyone been up chair 9 recently and can comment on the conditions?

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I was referring to the runs above chair 4 and 8, which include velvet hammer, field of dreams, northstar, rock chutes, tickler etc. Do you have to hike from the top of chair 4 or do you access them from the top of chair 9 and ski/ hike over? Has anyone ever skied those runs? Any idea what the conditions are like on the Ridge at Loveland?
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For steeps at A-Basin do the short 5-7 minute hike to skiers right in Montezuma Bowl and go along the cornice run and drop in. They had it open to Durrance last Thursday, but it is all open now according to their website. I like Durrance, Schauffler and Jump. Long Chute is fun as well; not as steep but longer. M uch to my surprise, the snow was very good then, soft and easy. More snow coming in the next week and by mid-feb the coverage should be much better. There were no probs with rocks on those runs. Front side Pali was fine as well as it is north facing. Good snow, packed powder that was soft and some fresh areas in the trees. Some rocks to be found. Try North Glades, International, Pali Face, Davids Run, Timber Glades to Rock Garden. Check out Turbo on your way up Pali lift. If you like tighter trees go to the Alleys. North Pole maybe be open by then (about a 20-30 minute hike and an interesting entrance to those runs, usually gives people some vertigo the first time they do it). Enjoy and think snow.
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Having skied both The Ridge at Loveland and the back bowls at A-basin, I can say without any question that the Ridge at Loveland is superior for an expert skier.  There's more of it, it's steeper on average, and it's not all directly south facing which makes for better snow.  Don't get me wrong, A-basin is a great mountain on the front side (Pali is a real classic!), and the A-Basin back bowl is fine for a change of pace, but Loveland has many more epic runs off of The Ridge.

If you want to see some pictures and videos to prove my point, visit my personal Loveland webpages at http://www.karlkelman.com/skipictures/loveland/lovebyrun/lovebyrun.html
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 Have not been to Loveland since early season, I was in the Zuma Bowl about 10 days ago, results as shown! They need  70" in the backside to make it worth not bring the Rock Skis!
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