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pulled calf muscle

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During my second class this very cold morning, I thought someone stabbed me in the lower calf. Our Ski Patrol said that I probably pulled my calf muscles. I've searched and read the available past posts on pulled calf muscles on this site. Anyone out there in Eppic land with more knowledge or past personal experience?

Spent the past three hours reading on the net about calf pulls, ETC. Apparently, the tears are rated in three phases with one being the most minor injury. I have to work....and am wondering, without visiting a doctor, how to judge the severity of my injury and how long should I rest, ice, compress and use Ibuprofen.
Help or advise anyone....
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Look up "tennis leg". That's the common term for a medial gastroc strain/tear.

Both Emedicine and Mayo Clinic have good patient information articles, so combine your search with those resources.
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Thanks jdistefa!
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